“I am responsible for my own destiny; A small opportunity can change the future”

Hana: From reliance on father to a successful micro-enterprise owner

Like many other Yemenis in the war zone areas, Ms. Hana, 20 years old, is one of those who and her family were severly and adversely impacted by the consequences of war in Aden, which started in March 2015. Hana family was in the past depending on the salary income of her father, which was no longer enough to cover the family expenses including school fees for Hana and her young brother. The situation was further exacerbated by lack of payments of salaries to public employees for many months and the increase in unemployment rates, as well as hyperinflation due to deteriorate of local currency.


  • 420 Youth from 3 districts in Aden have received required skills to launch their small businesses.
  • 390 of them have been awarded 800 USD capital grant to start-up of small entrepreneur
  • Hana now helps her family with around 30,000 YER in monthly basis.

Hana was among 390 beneficiaries that received dedicated skills promotion through vocational training institute in Aden in the areas of tailoring that was arranged under the Government of Japan and UNDP funded Yemen Stabilization Project. After her graduation from vocational training, Hana entered small grant contest, in which she was honoured with USD 800 as a capital grant and start-up of small entrepreneur. She was able to buy a sewing machine and other tools, as well as refurbishing a workshop for her business, in which she is making around YER 30,000 per month and being able to cover her family needs.

“Thanks to the Yemen Stabilization Project team and special appreciations to the Government of Japan and UNDP for their efforts in empowering youth generation including women that were adversely impacted by the war”, Hana said.

The Yemen Stabilisation Programme works to establish a space for citizens to build and/or renew trust in their institutions and for legitimate authorities to reaffirm their service delivery and protection mandates.  The project intends to find ways for former IDPs who have returned to Aden and other nearby governorates to quickly find ways to stabilise livelihoods, reconnect with their communities, recover trust in institutions and feel safe.

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