From Depression into a Successful Banana Retailer

Due to the ongoing conflict, many young people in Yemen lost their jobs and businesses. In addition, many entrepreneurs around the country lost the vision of a better life for themselves and families. Mohammed Salem Al Dalak , a 27 – year –old young man from Lawdar District in Abyan Governorate, is one of those...

My neighborhood, Al-Nusairiah in Hajjah, is well protected from floods and easily accessible

“I got to the point of buying just about enough wheat flour for the day and night to feed my family and there were times when I couldn’t have the money to purchase just one kilo of wheat. I don’t have a fixed source of income and there are no jobs because of the ongoing crisis.”

nutrition video
Enhancing nutrition services & practices in Hodeidah

Enhancing nutrition services & practices in #Hodeidah - 13,487 cases of malnutrition for treatment @WorldBankMENA

European Union and UNDP support social protection for community resilience in Yemen

Brussels, 5 July 2017—The European Union (EU) confirms its commitment to Yemen by providing EUR 25 million (nearly USD 27 million) to support the vulnerable Yemeni people affected by the devastating conflict. The project, to be implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and local communities, will help struggling households to earn income to buy food and other essentials; keep some of the remaining healthcare facilities open and provide more psychosocial support to affected civilians.

Mukhtar AByan
Mukhtar Awadh: No longer in Despair

40,078 beneficiaries of 5,725 households reached/supported through resilience enhancement activities conducted by 4 UN organizations and 12 Implementing Partners in 18 rural districts across 4 ERRY jointly targeted governorates in Yemen.

Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen (ERRY) Fact Sheet 2016

Initial funding by EU of 38 Million USD; 185 Village Cooperative Council have been established, composed of 1,393 members; 16,065 Participants (2,226 households) benefited from Cash for Work, Improved Household Food Security and Access to Cash; 1,699 Youth equipped with enhanced business and life skills; 20 health services and 20 education systems were equipped with solar energy systems; and 5,200 benefited from Value Chain Assessment inputs

Rehabilitation of manholes and inspection chambers at Al-Mina’ District, #Hodeidah

422 manhole covers were replaced and 700 inspection chambers rehabilitated, funded by @WorldBankMENA @AlbankAldawli by Public Works Project
133,632 beneficiaries out of which 60,857 are females.

Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project Fast Fact Sheet

The Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project (YECRP) is funded by the World Bank and implemented across the 22 governorates of Yemen by UNDP in partnership with the Social Fund for Development and the Public Works Project. YECRP aims to mitigate the impact of the current crisis on local households and communities and assist their recovery through increasing short-term employment and livelihoods opportunities, restoring key service delivery through small-scale infrastructure, and reviving the local private sector.

Press Release on the High-Level Pledging Event for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen: Donors pledge $1.1 Billion to Help People in Urgent Need in Yemen [EN/FR/AR]

(Geneva, 25 April 2017) International donors today pledged nearly US$1.1 billion to help scale up lifesaving aid to millions of people in need in Yemen during a pledging event in Geneva, co-chaired by the United Nations, Sweden and Switzerland.

UNDP calls for increased support for resilience in Yemen

Supporting urgent humanitarian relief with development action pivotal for lasting peace Geneva – As the international community convenes for a pledging conference on Yemen tomorrow, the United Nations Development Programme urges strong support from international partners to ease the suffering of the people of...

Honoured for her passion and continuous efforts, Fatemah, the Insider Mediator

In March 2017, Fatima was awarded the Women’s International Day Prize, bestowed by the Youth Leadership Development Foundation and sponsored by UN Women, in recognition of her efforts on dispute resolution and contribution to maintain social peace in Lawdar District, Abyan Governorate.

Mines ACtion Day
Yemen is facing an uphill battle to remove explosive hazards
Message by Jamie McGoldrick On the occasion of International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

The ongoing conflict in Yemen has resulted in a growing contamination of explosive hazards such as landmines, improvised explosive devices, cluster munitions and other remnants of war. It has dramatically spread the overall geographic extent of contamination and the increased the technical complexities of removing it as more modern weapon systems have been employed.

In Abyan, Village Cooperative Council brings education to boys and girls

Arshan, a village with 171 households located at the Khanfir District in Abyan, faces chronic poverty and severe lack of proper education facilities due to its inaccessibility. Since there is no proper education facility established in the village, school-aged children in Arshan need to go to Al-Hisn area (approximately...

Auke in Aden
UNDP Country Director Mr Auke Lootsma visits debris management projects in Aden and meet key decision makers

Aden, 23 March 2017: The war in Yemen has generated a dire humanitarian situation with massive destruction to the country’s public and private buildings. Debris has accumulated, sometimes with hazardous explosive remnants of war (ERWs) under the rubble and their accumulation is one among many obstacles in the...