Voices of Yemen

17 Jun 2015

Ma'een, Sho'ub and Alsab'een districts, Sana'a Governorate

“Voices of” is a series of community-level consultations led by UNDP in Yemen using inclusive focus group discussions that seek to: identify their fragilities, prioritise opportunities and challenges, and highlight the vulnerability of community livelihoods assets to sustain the crisis.

Residents in Ma’een, Sho’ub and Alsab’een districts in Sana’a offer snapshots of the urban livelihoods context within the heightened security environment developing in the capital city. Resident are much concerned about their future, worried about securing basic needs to sustain their daily lives. Residents are spectators to deteriorating living conditions and trying to secure alternative ways. They have no fuel, cooking gas, or healthy environment. They hope for peace.

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