Climate Change and Environmental Policy Reports

26 Jan 2014

List of Publications on climate change in Yemen

UNDP Yemen has been providing Policy and Programme support in Environmental, and Climate Change contributing to efforts related to strengthening livelihood resilience of vulnerable communities/groups in Yemen.

A number of policy papers have been produced to advocate for proper  environmental and climate change policy and programmatic interventions.The  list of publications combines rural development, livelihoods, natural resources management, poverty reduction, climate change vulnerability, climate change adaptation, and mitigation as well as livelihood resilience.

The list of publications:-

  1. A Framework for Assessing Institutions to serve as Hosting Agency for National Climate Fund
  2. A Framework to Strengthen National Climate Finance Readiness in Yemen
  3. Climate Change and livelihoods in Yemen-Issue Brief
  4. Climate Change and Livelihoods-The Vulnerability Context
  5. Development of National Low-Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) in Yemen
  6. Environmental Strategy Document- A Concept Note
  7. Fishery Sector Strategy and Climate Change in Yemen
  8. Governance of Climate Change in Yemen
  9. National Water Sector Strategy and Climate Change in Yemen
  10. Prospects of Solar Energy in Yemen- Policy Note
  11. Reducing Livelihood Vulnerability to Climate Change Impacts through EBA

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