Ahmed and his classmate participate in a practical session on electrical wiring. | Photo Credit: UNDP Yemen

"The next stage of life, after my release from prison, carries great challenges. I think about how my life will be after leaving this cell and these prison bars behind. Like many others, I will face the challenges of building a life after spending many years away from the world," explains Ahmed, 51.

After years of imprisonment, Ahmed doesn’t talk of his despair, instead he talks of the strength and hardness he has acquired. With steady steps and relentless determination, with his red beard and slender body, Ahmed makes his way toward his seat in the classroom, joining his classmates in an electrical wiring course.

This is one of many courses offered across Aden and Mukalla by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Yemen Prisoner Foundation through the Strengthening Security and Protection Project. Funding is generously provided from the Peace Building Fund and the Government of the Netherlands.

Ahmed was excited to attend the training course, considering this an exceptional opportunity. "The prison experience gave me motivation. I want to prove myself, and use this time to gain skills for independence – especially after release," he said.

Ahmed has rolled up his sleeves; he remains patiently committed to success. "I participated in the electrical wiring training, and benefited a lot. I now know the differences between the neutral and live wires and how they work. With these skills I will be able to find work when I’m released," he noted.

Ahmed hopes that his remaining days in prison can provide an opportunity for himself and his colleagues to reflect on their experience and determine how they will welcome society and try to discover life again. 

Trainees working on a light installation in their electrical wiring workshop. |Photo Credit: UNDP Yemen


This project is implemented through the UNDP Rule of Law Programme (RoL), which aims to support local populations to create a functioning level of security and stability while preventing further deterioration, and laying foundations for future initiatives, when conditions allow. The programme works to support safety, security, protection and equitable access to justice at the local level.

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