Crisis Support for Solid Waste, Water Supply and Sewage Institutions in Aden and Mukalla Cities

Girls having to walk for miles fetch water but with UNDP's support, they are now able to provide clean water for the families
Coverage Aden and Mukalla Cities
Target Groups Vulnerable communities and internally displaced persons in targeted governorates
Estimated Beneficiaries 800,000 people
Focus Area Water Supply, Sanitation, Hygiene and Solid Waste Management
Partners Public Works Project, Alatta for Relief and Development and  Nadha Makers Organization
Project Manager Fantahun Getachew
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Project Summary

Violence and instability have affected almost all Yemeni governorates, making it more difficult to access to basic services such as water, sanitation and waste management.  State institutions lack revenues and are challenged to pay salaries and running costs, while equipment and infrastructure deteriorates. Varying degrees of water availability, leakage, and irregular collection of waste contribute to the spread of serious diseases such as dengue fever, typhoid, ophthalmia, malaria and cholera.

This project helps responsible institutions to provide essential services in two major cities, to reduce epidemics, improve security and enable the people of Yemen to experience the advantages of peace. Project activities are expected to improve the quality of life by reducing water-related diseases; contribute to a stronger economy by increasing productivity; and, contribute to stability by allowing communities to enjoy the benefits of peace.


The objective of this project is to make two essential service institutions located in two major cities more resilient to the multiple vulnerability they are facing (financial, planning, maintenance and management of aging and reduced fleets). It will achieve this though the following outputs.

Capacity development: to improve the performance of Cleaning funds and Public corporation for water and sewerage for Aden and Mukalla.

Rehabilitation of critical infrastructure: rehabilitate and extend the water and sanitation system and restoration of physical assets.

Expected results 

  • At least 5 cleaning funds facilities rehabilitated 
  • At least 50 Trucks are maintained/ replaced
  • At least 2 sewage pumping stations replaced
  • At least 30% of Public Corporation for Water and Sewerage operational capacities in Aden and Mukalla restored
  • At least 67 staff of two institutions are trained in different areas of expertise
  • At least 1 monitoring plans in each governorate produced
  • At least 2 resilience and financial plans produced


  • Rehabilitation and maintenance of 12 public latrines in Mukalla that provide access to basic sanitation for 250,000 IDPS, host community and people in the market is completed
  • Hand over of rehabilitation of Altawahi and Sirah cleaning fund administration buildings is accomplished in two districts that serve each 160,000 people.
  • Additional four sites are at different levels of construction all above 30%
  • 25 Garbage collection trucks are inspected to be shipped to Yemen in few months period
  • Maintainace of 25 nonfunctional trucks are inspected where procurement of spare parts is ongoing to be maintained
  • Replacement of Al-mansoura, Alguilelah and Al-Ghuwaizi sewerage pumping stations at 50% that serve a million people when completed
  • More that 80 staff from different departments of cleaning fund and water corporation are receiving training, coaching and experience sharing capacity building support
  • Preparation of Strategic and financial plans are on progress for cleaning funds and water corporations of Aden and Mukhala with the support of Nadha Makers Organizations.
  • Project team is supporting Aden and Mukalla residents, local authorities and implementing partners in the preparedness of Covi-19 and typhoon flood response.



Project start date:

December 2018

Estimated end date:

May 2021

Focus area:

  • build resilience to shocks and crisis
  • Project office:

    UNDP in Yemen

    Implementing partner:

    United Nations Development Programme

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    Funding Support by

    Donor name

  • Government Of Japan
  • Amount contributed


    Delivery in previous fiscal year

    2020 $2,349,801

    2019 $900,847

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