Rapid Financing Facility

Photo Credit: UNDP Mauritius/2020
Coverage Seiyun District, Hadramout Governorate
Estimated Beneficiaries 15,000 Yemenis
Focus Area COVID-19 Response
Partners SOUL for Development
Project Manager Maureen Lance-Onyeiwu, Arvind Kumar                                                                                                
Project Document  

Project Summary

The project aims to contribute to strengthened community resilience against shocks and crises in Yemen. The project has three mutually reinforcing outputs geared to protect poor and vulnerable people from aggravated hardship caused by COVID-19.


To contribute to strengthened community resilience against shocks and crises in Yemen, including:

  1. Strengthened national COVID-19 response.
  2. Restoration of livelihoods through support to MSMEs.
  3. Strengthened COVID-19 prevention at the community level.

Expected Results

  1. 500 Yemenis trained in micro-enterprise management.
  2. 140 poor and vulnerable people Yemenis supported to establish or rebuild micro-businesses in the transport sector to improve access to health facilities and contribute to the COVID-19 response.
  3. Two healthcare facilities provided with hybrid solar-powered energy systems.
  4. 15,000 community members supported to improve hand hygiene through the installation of a solar-powered desalination system to provide clean water for drinking and household activities.


Between December 2020 - June 2021, the following has been achieved:

  1. A market survey was completed to assess the viability of the proposed micro-enterprises
  2. An assessment of existing facilities at the two selected healthcare facilities in preparation for solarization.
  3. Selection of a local partner to support project implementation.
  4. International bidding process to procure solar hybrid tuk-tuks was successfully concluded.
  5. Selection of a local micro-finance institution to support the Implementation of small cash grants to project participants.


Funding Support by

Delivery in previous fiscal year

  • UNDP’s Solar Hybrid Solutions Result in More Robust Health Response in Seiyun

    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and partners inaugurated a solar hybrid system that will provide an uninterrupted power supply to the central COVID-19 Isolation Unit in Seiyun, Hadramout. A first of its kind in Yemen, this hybrid system can sustain power for 24 hours to facilitate steady provision of critical health services by using an innovative on-and-off-grid and diesel solution.

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