Programmes and Projects

Rapid Financing Facility

The project aims to contribute to strengthened community resilience against shocks and crises in Yemen. The project has three mutually reinforcing outputs geared to protect poor and vulnerable people…  

Building Resilient Livelihoods and Improving Protection Services for Conflict Affected Communities in Aden and Lahj

The Building Resilient Livelihoods and Improving Protections Services for Conflict Affected Communi-ties in Aden and Lahj (BRISCC) project aims to reduce the socio-economic vulnerabilities of conflict…  

Vocational and Business Skills Training and Support Project

The “Vocational and Business Skills Training and Support” project aims to empower rural young women and men with vocational, technical and business skills, and nurture an entrepreneurship culture to…  

Social Protection Enhancement and COVID-19 Response Project (SPECRP)

Social Protection Enhancement and COVID-19 Response Project (SPECRP) aims to provide (a) nurtrition-sensitive cash transfers; (b) temporary employment; and (c) increased access to basic services and…  

Yemen Emergency Crisis Response (World Bank)

The project will support Yemeni households and communities cope with crisis, recover from negative impacts, and gain confidence in the ability of their national partners.  

Supporting Resilient Livelihoods and Food Security in Yemen Joint Programme (ERRY II)

The project helps rural people and communities in Yemen to better cope with crises, risks and shocks.  

Enhanced Security and Protection at the Local Level in Yemen

The project enhances access to justice and rule of law at the individual, community and institutional levels.  

Strengthening Institutional and Economic Resilience in Yemen (SIERY)

The project has been designed to buttress the resilience of local governance systems in Yemen to reinforce the resilience and recovery of conflict-affected communities.  

Maritime Governance to Promote Security and Safety in Yemen

The programme aims to re-establish the Yemen Coast Guard (YCG), strengthen the criminal justice chain on the investigation, prosecution and trial of maritime crimes, and progress towards port…  

Crisis Support for Solid Waste, Water Supply and Sewage Institutions in Aden and Mukalla Cities

Project activities are expected to improve the quality of life by reducing water-related diseases; contribute to a stronger economy by increasing productivity; and, contribute to stability by allowing…  

Emergency Mine Action

The project activities are expected to reduce the risk of disaster; and prepare communities in Yemen to cope with the presence and negative effects of explosives.  

Peace Support Facility

The Peace Support Facility aims to build public support for the peace process by achieving concrete and rapid improvement in people lives in areas identified by the UN Special Envoy.  

Rebuilding Livelihoods and Capacities of Conflict-Affected Small-Scale Fisheries Households in Aden and Hadramout (RELAC)

The project, is financed by the Government of Japan, will be implemented by UNDP and implementing partners. It covers two vulnerable governorates: Aden and Hadramout.  

Yemen Livelihoods and Human Security

The Yemen Livelihood and Human Security (LHS) project contributes to the overall stability of Yemeni governorates, by empowering communities to resist and recover from conflict.  

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