Training YEMAC personnel on identifying and neutralizing various types of Unexploded Ordinances commonly found in Yemen

Aden, Yemen – 20 December 2018 - the United Nations Development Programme began a mine action training programme for 25 staff from our national implementing partner, the Yemen Executive Mine Action Centre (YEMAC). The four-week, 20-day, programme will help build the deminer’s capacity in identifying and neutralizing various types of Unexploded Ordinances commonly found in Yemen.

The training, which will run through 14 February, has been strategically created around the provision of extensive theoretical and practical modules on various topics including: (a) International Mine Action Standards; (b) proper use of demining and explosive ordinance disposal equipment; and, (c) exercises within battle area clearance. It has been made possible through the funding of our partners – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – and implemented by the the Danish Demining Group, a part of the Danish Refugee Council.

UNDP Yemen Mine Action Advisor, Steven Robinson, indicates that “the training is part of a longer-term plan to help YEMAC in addressing the needs of the Yemeni people in being able to effectively, safely and efficiently remove the unexploded ordnance that plagues the country.”  

For approximately 10 years, UNDP has supported YEMAC with activities ranging from providing equipment to supporting mine action-related training initiatives. UNDP continues to be committed to supporting YEMAC in their ongoing efforts toward clearing Yemen of existing explosive remnants of war.


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UNDP in Yemen aims to restore livelihoods, social cohesion and security, reflecting a minimum of conditions necessary for resilience while focusing on the community level. In this regard, our priorities for Yemen are: (a) Supporting a Peaceful Solution; (b) Economic Recovery; (c) Restoring Basic Services; (d) Preparing the Ground; and, (e) Empowerment of vulnerable groups. Read more at

About the Programme

The Mine Action training programme aims to build the capacity of YEMAC staff to be able to deal with different types of ERWs and keep development in motion.

UNDP has actively supported the Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA) in Yemen since the late 1990s, working with both national and international implementers. The aim of UNDP’s intervention has consistently been to reduce or eliminate the impact of Explosive Ordnances (EOs) have on the civilian population, infrastructure and economy. More recent conflicts have dramatically increased the geographic spread and technical complexity of EO contamination, and in many parts of the country the impact is considered very high.

Having an equitable response based on the impact and needs throughout the country, UNDP supports field operations to effectively survey and clear operations conducted by YEMAC to isolate and remove the contamination. According to the priorities of work, YEMAC has teams on the ground working in the most highly impacted areas of the country. Support by UNDP mainly centers on technical support, training, and incentives for the YEMAC staff, but also includes policy advice, the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (APMBC) obligations and resource mobilization.

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