Community Protection workshop to help conflict-affected neighborhoods heal and recover - Aden

Aden, Yemen - UNDP Yemen, in partnership with Oxfam, is conducting a series of Community Protection workshop for 300 beneficiaries from the targeted districts of Craiter, Attawahi and Mualla in Aden with the funding support from Government of Japan.  

The sessions run from July 4th to 19th, 2018. They are expected to enhance community protection mechanisms empower those who have been through traumatic experiences during and after the 2015 war and its devastating psychosocial impacts on the lives and relationships of the communities in Aden. Youth participants identify the behavior, influences and prejudices that negatively impact their neighborhood and devise mechanisms to protect their community from future shocks.

“We really enjoyed the training, we were able to get rid of the negative energy and we were comfortable because we found privacy" a female participant said.

The coaching partners, Creative People’s Solution Foundation, Ability for Human Investment, Alaidaroos Association and Wogod for Human Security will train the beneficiaries on three main topics, i) how to overcome trauma; ii) conflict management and; iii) the role of youth in the community. The training will be concluded by developing community initiatives proposed by the participants themselves to provide capacity building in psychosocial support, facilitate legal aid and conflict resolutions, mobilize neighborhoods organizations and social leaders with a view of sustaining initiatives.

The intervention targets  Aden’s most vulnerable neighborhoods affected by the conflict and those who returned after the conflict with the focus on livelihood improvement and protection.  The project’s ’s pillars are: i) analysis on local needs and opportunities to recover, ii) restoring the disrupted livelihoods of crisis-affected populations and; iii) strengthening community-based protection mechanisms with a focus on women and youth.


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UNDP in Yemen aims to restore livelihoods, social cohesion and security, reflecting a minimum of conditions necessary for resilience while focusing on the community level. In this regard, our priorities for Yemen are: Supporting a Peaceful Solution; Economic Recovery; Restoring Basic Services; Preparing the Ground; and Empowerment of vulnerable groups. More at


For more information please contact:

-        Khulood Sheikh: Programme Coordinator –
-        Sylvain Merlen: Head of UNDP Aden Sub-Office
-        Arvind Kumar: Project Manager

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