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UNDP Yemen, in partnership with For All Foundation (FAF) and OXFAM, is conducting a series of cash for work and protection activities, business and skill development training
and micro grants for 600 beneficiaries from the targeted governorates of Aden and Lahj under the livelihood and human security interventions funded by Government of Japan.

The activities of cash for work started on November 15th and to continue till  December 11th , 2018. The purpose of the above activities is to provide emergency employment opportunities to affected individuals, in addition 400 beneficiary will receive micro grants.

“I’m very happy I have this opportunity, I wanted to join the project since phase and now that I’m accepted I will able to support my family. I have witnessed the change of 2 of my friends in the former phase and how they are now leading their own micro business. I’m one of thousands of other youth who have dreamt of such opportunity and I hope many others have this chance.” Hanan Hasraat, a participant.  

“We as Local arthurites are pleased to convey our gratitude to the Government of Japan and UNDP and For All Foundation for implementing the project for 2 years on a row.” Khaled Side, Crater District Director. “This project has improved the living conditions of many youth in the districts. We encourage such projects that aims to support youth and women and prevent them from Joining the armed forces and focus on a bright future.” He added.

The beneficiaries were selected from the targeted districts of Crater and Attawahi in Aden Governorate and Tuban and Tur Al Bahaha in Lahj Governorate based on the following criteria.

  • Those who had traumatic event in the conflict (lost or damaged house, lost a family member, witnessed violence)
  • Those who live in the 4 districts of the programme (Attawahi, Crater, Al Tuban, and Tur Al Baha) 
  • 50 % of women (age 18 -50)
  • 25% of youth (18 – 35 years old)
  • Willingness of the individual to participate in project activities.
  • Candidate interviewed and recommended by selection panel

Soon after the completion of cash for work activities, the beneficiaries will also receive the business and skill development training as well as professional counseling support.

Please indicate the target indirect beneficiaries as well as previous interventions/achievements under the project.   

The Yemen Livelihoods and Human Security intervention targets Aden’s and Lahj’s vulnerable individuals and neighborhoods affected by the conflict and returnees. The focus of the above interventions is mainly on; identification of needs and opportunities for affected communities return normalcy, restore the disrupted livelihoods of crisis affected population and strengthen community based protection mechanism with a focus on women and youth.


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is a United Nations agency that advocates for change and connects countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. It provides expert advice, training and grants support to developing countries, with increasing emphasis on assistance to the least developed countries.

UNDP in Yemen aims to restore livelihoods, social cohesion and security, reflecting a minimum of conditions necessary for resilience while focusing on the community level. In this regard, our priorities for Yemen are: Supporting a Peaceful Solution; Economic Recovery; Restoring Basic Services; Preparing the Ground; and Empowerment of vulnerable groups. More at ye.undp.org


For more information please contact:

-    Arvind Kumar ; YLHSP Project Manager –  Arvind.kumar@undp.org
-    Khulood Sheikh: YLHSP Programme Coordinator – khulood.sheikh@undp.org
-    Walid Baharoon: Acting Head of UNDP Aden Sub-Office


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