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Yemeni Grapes: Ancient History, Uncertain Future

Since the dawn of history, Yemen has been known as the Land of the Two Gardens, famous for the cultivation of various kinds of grapes, each with its own unique flavour, colour, and nutritional…  

Hailah: 50 years of Love for Grape Farming

Hailah - and another 70 grape farmers like her – were provided with trellises and hand tillers to help improve their agricultural production and income. Trellises help Hailah ensure that grapes are…  

Yemen Food Security Response and Resilience Project (FSRRP)

The project aims at improving household food security and building resilience by: increasing food availability and accessibility and preserving human capital and basic economic recovery.  

SOCOTRA: Yemen’s Island of Natural Wonder and Beauty

Socotra, an island located 380 kilometres south of the Arabian Peninsula, means “island abode of bliss” in Sanskrit.  

Water, the Foundation of Life and Success

Mohammed and his sons – with help from skilled workers and community members employed through the same cash-for-work project – built a 18000 liters ground water reservoir fed from a spring near his…  

Water and Work: YECRP’s Approach to Addressing Climate-Induced Water Shortages

UNDP’s Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project (YECRP) has been working to implement long-term solutions, with funding and support from the World Bank’s International Development Association and in…  

World Water Day: What Does it Mean to You?

UNDP is committed to ensuring that every Yemeni’s basic human right to access to safe, sufficient and affordable water, sanitation and hygiene, is met.  

YECRP: Lifting Women From Poverty Through Livestock Projects in Yemen

UNDP's Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Programme (YECRP) – in partnership with the World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA) – has been diligently working with our local partner, the…  

International Women's Day, 2021

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