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Fighting the Fear: Clearing Mines from Yemen’s Rural Communities

For many Yemenis, the realities of war are tangible and deadly. Ali, a farmer and a father of five, was impacted by explosive remnants of war in his village, losing critical income and carrying the…  

UNDP and UNMHA Joint Statement: International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

Yemen: 4 April, 2021 - As Yemen enters its seventh year of conflict, and despite the continuous and notable efforts of the Yemen Executive Mine Action Center (YEMAC) across the country, mine…  

Women and Men: United for Action Against Mines

For the first time, there are 10 women among the 60 trainees on Non-Technical Survey (NTS) of mines and unexploded ordnance (UXOs). With these vital new skills, trainees will be able to provide…  

Investing in Hope in Yemen Cannot Wait

Continuing support to YEMAC’s demining efforts in Aden through provision of vehicles and mine detectors

Today the United Nations Development Programme provided its national partner, the Yemen Executive Mine Action Center (YEMAC), with 36 vehicles (20 soft skin pick-ups, eight soft skin trucks, and eight…  

Building Mine Action Capacity in Aden will Save Yemeni Lives

Despite the impact of COVID-19 in Yemen, UNDP staff have starting to build the local capacity of the Yemen Mine Action Coordination Centre (YMACC) in Aden. In partnership and under the guidance of the…  

Supporting a Safer Yemen for Over 20 years

In 2019 alone, YEMAC supported by UNDP removed over 66,000 pieces of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) throughout Yemen positively impacting the lives of 126,000 people.  

Clearing the way for the future and protecting lives by building local capacity

The political unrest in Yemen and civil wars have caused the poorest country in the Arabian peninsula to be riddled with landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO).  

Emergency Mine Action

The project activities are expected to reduce the risk of disaster; and prepare communities in Yemen to cope with the presence and negative effects of explosives.  

Hodeidah: Providing critical vehicles to support demining efforts

Sana’a – Today the United Nations Development Programme provided our national partner, the Yemen Executive Mine Action Center (YEMAC), with 20 Hilux vehicles to support their daily demining efforts…  

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