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Can Solar Power Save Lives in Rural Yemen?

Al-Za’zea, in the south-west of Taiz governorate, is home to close to 15,000 people. A remote area suffering economically due to the war, people have struggled to find stable work, and the rough…  

Saving Lives by Breathing Life Back into the Ports of Yemen

In crisis countries like Yemen, investment in infrastructure is often overlooked, but UNDP views this as an extremely important effort to facilitate the entry of humanitarian assistance, to build…  

Saving Ali’s Life Through Community Education Programmes

“Through this project I have taught many women with low – or no – literacy about cholera, diarrhea, natural breast feeding, pregnancy, and many aspects of maternal health. I feel like I’m having a…  

Yemen’s Young Leaders: Mechatronic Engineers Lead Local Solutions for National Recovery

Empowering Yemeni youth through skills training and funding support, ensures local and sustainable solutions to the on-going socio-economic problems and bottlenecks of humanitarian and development…  

Alkuraimi Islamic Microfinance Bank commits to support COVID-19 Response in Yemen

Sana’a, Yemen – The Alkuraimi Islamic Microfinance Bank has committed to support a strengthened COVID-19 Response in Yemen, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World…  

Adapting During Crisis: How Sewing Skills Save Lives

Ikhlas, 45, is a sewing pioneer in her neighborhood. Recently gaining new skills through a short training course, her ingenious fingertips have made her popular among neighbours and friends who visit…  

Hospital access improved as Al Durrah Hospital is renovated

Al-Durrah hospital is now considered one of the best hospitals in the area after the renovation. SPCRP  

Rehabilitating Abs District health center brings back hope to war-affected

With over 50 per cent of healthcare facilities not functioning due to ongoing conflict in Yemen, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) works to restore healthcare among other basic services…  

March 2020 Fast Fact Sheet - Social Protection and Community Resilience

Social Protection and Community Resilience (SPCRP) project - March 2020 Fast Fact Sheet  

Yemen’s Public Works Project: Creating essential services, jobs and resilience

"PWP has made rapid improvements to community infrastructure and services, just as it has enabled access to markets and social services" YECRP evaluation concluded.  

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