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UNDP Yemen COVID-19 Response (June 2020)

UNDP’s response is framed around three objectives: (a) help Yemen prepare for and protect people from the pandemic and its impacts; (b) respond during the outbreak; and, (c) recover from the…  

Supporting vital livelihoods and increasing COVID-19 prevention awareness

SANA'A, Yemen – 30 June 2020: As a response to the quickening spread of COVID-19 across Yemen, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is working to ensure Yemen’s most vulnerable populations…  

Handloom and textile value chain

This value chain study looks at the market actors in eight districts in Hajjah, Hodeida, Lahj, Abyan and Taiz  

Beyond Recovery: Towards 2030

The next phase of UNDP’s COVID-19 crisis response is designed to help decision-makers look beyond recovery, towards 2030, making choices and managing complexity and uncertainty in four main areas:…  

UNDP: Governments must lead fight against coronavirus misinformation and disinformation

Governments must step up to lead the fight against a growing tide of false, inflammatory and misleading information that threatens to worsen the already severe impacts of the virus, according to UNDP  

A Synthesis Report on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Yemen with Potential COVID-19 Impact Analysis

This report presents the findings of the market study in the seven sectors of handloom and textile, food industry, meat and poultry, fishery, beekeeping/honey, pottery, and solar energy.  

Fighting COVID-19 one job at a time

Linking the health and socio-economic response in Yemen.  

COVID-19: New UNDP data dashboards reveal huge disparities among countries in ability to cope and recover

Indicators such as the level of poverty, healthcare capacity, access to internet and social protection can portray how severe the effects of the COVID-19 crisis might be in each of 189 countries.  

Conflict, poverty and inequality undermine COVID-19 fight in Yemen

Unless there are robust social protection and economic recovery elements in the health response, the pandemic will ravage the poorest and most unequal country in world.  

UNDP Yemen COVID-19 Response Outline

In line with the global response, and in partnership with Implementing Partners, UNDP will roll out a two-fold country response: Rapid adjustments to existing programming and Standalone response  

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