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Can Solar Power Save Lives in Rural Yemen?

Al-Za’zea, in the south-west of Taiz governorate, is home to close to 15,000 people. A remote area suffering economically due to the war, people have struggled to find stable work, and the rough…  

Distance Education: Overcoming all Challenges to Build Business Skills and a Brighter Future

In the remote, mountainous region of Sarar, 75km north-east of Aden, 471 Yemeni men and women wave their mobile phones in the air, chasing connection as they wait for the familiar ping of the message…  

UNDP Yemen wins prestigious global Ashden Award for Humanitarian Energy

A United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Yemen project that addresses solar power needs and provides solutions and hope for three frontline conflict communities has been announced as the winner…  

Making Energy Affordable in Yemen through Solar Power

UNDP designed and developed a unique, low-cost solar microgrid solution that uses our 3x6 approach for longer term sustainability  

Solar Energy Programming Operational Guideline

The very first prerequisite to utilize solar projects is the availability of solar resource. Yemen is one of the regions in the world with high levels of solar irradiation. The annual average global…  

Greening the blue - UNDP Yemen

110 KWp - Solar capacity, 307 KWh - Lithium ion bettery, 147 MWh - Produced each year, US$ 73,000 - Annual savings, 149 TONS - CO emissions reduced per year  

Solar Energy Intervention Impact

Communities benefit from solar energy for sustainable livelihoods opportunities.  

Good Practices and Lessons Learned: Solar Interventions under ERRY Project in Yemen

The Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen Programme (ERRY) is a three-year programme funded by the European Union and implemented by four UN agencies: the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the…  

Through the Looking Glass

A beautifully diverse country, Yemen sits at the southern end of the Arabian peninsula. Steeped in culture and rich in World Heritage Sites, Yemen once had a flourishing economy that played a vital…  

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