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New UNDP Report: Global development vulnerable to “next generation” inequalities

New York, December 9, 2019 – A new United Nations Development Programme report highlights the expanding nature of global inequality, pointing to a new generation of inequalities which may trigger a…  

Yemeni rural women launch the country’s first private solar energy grid

To lighten the load on citizens in the Abs district, Hajjah governorate, the Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen (ERRY) Joint Programme has supported 10 rural female entrepreneurs in establishing a…  

Solar Energy Programming Operational Guideline

The very first prerequisite to utilize solar projects is the availability of solar resource. Yemen is one of the regions in the world with high levels of solar irradiation. The annual average global…  

Greening the blue - UNDP Yemen

110 KWp - Solar capacity, 307 KWh - Lithium ion bettery, 147 MWh - Produced each year, US$ 73,000 - Annual savings, 149 TONS - CO emissions reduced per year  

Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen

The project helps rural people and communities in Yemen to better cope with crises, risks and shocks.  

Yemen Emergency Crisis Response (USAID)

The Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project (YECRP) reduces the negative effects of crisis on local households and communities, and assists recovery from the bottom up.  

Solar energy, always healthy

Four years of no electricity supplies has turned people’s life in Yemen upside down and the hunger for electricity makes one believe that life revolves around the search for energy and little else.  

YECRP: A ‘New Way of Working’ to help the Yemeni people in Conflict-ridden Yemen

The impact of YECRP across Yemen has been tremendous, helping the Yemeni people regain access to key services, earning wages to allow them to purchase basic needs for themselves and their families,…  

Solar Energy Intervention Impact

Communities benefit from solar energy for sustainable livelihoods opportunities.  

Improving Access to Energy for Affected Communities through Solar Programming in Yemen

Improving Access to Energy for Affected Communities through Solar Programming in Yemen  

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