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Can Solar Power Save Lives in Rural Yemen?

Al-Za’zea, in the south-west of Taiz governorate, is home to close to 15,000 people. A remote area suffering economically due to the war, people have struggled to find stable work, and the rough…  

Correcting the Record: Distance Education

A recently published story entitled Distance Education: Overcoming all Challenges to Build Business Skills and a Brighter Future that showcased a UNDP livelihood support activity via WhatsApp has been…  

Distance Education: Overcoming all Challenges to Build Business Skills and a Brighter Future

In the remote, mountainous region of Sarar, 75km north-east of Aden, 471 Yemeni men and women wave their mobile phones in the air, chasing connection as they wait for the familiar ping of the message…  

Paving the Road to Long-term Employment

Together, UNDP and its local partners support a transition away from dependence on emergency employment with the aim of helping to build more sustainable post-crisis livelihoods opportunities.  

Soil, the Hearth of the Earth

Accounting for approximately 15 per cent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) – and employing more than 50 per cent of the workforce – agriculture is more than just a source of income for the…  

Saving Lives by Breathing Life Back into the Ports of Yemen

In crisis countries like Yemen, investment in infrastructure is often overlooked, but UNDP views this as an extremely important effort to facilitate the entry of humanitarian assistance, to build…  

A Mother’s Hope During Crisis: How Emergency Employment Ensures Food and Critical Healthcare for Families in Khanfar

The emergency employment component of the ERRY II programme aims to improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable through short-term emergency employment and small enterprise recovery.  

Yemen’s Young Leaders: Mechatronic Engineers Lead Local Solutions for National Recovery

Empowering Yemeni youth through skills training and funding support, ensures local and sustainable solutions to the on-going socio-economic problems and bottlenecks of humanitarian and development…  

From Trash to Treasure: Breathing New Life into Ja’ar’s Local Market

Today merchants are celebrating increased sales – sometimes up to 30% per day – as a result of the clean new market.  

The Power of The Sun: Solar Energy Helps Healthcare Facilities Deliver Essential Services

There are long queues at fuel stations. Fuel prices have skyrocketed. The rising cost of water, transport and essential goods endure. And COVID-19 continues to spread unabated throughout Yemen. With…  

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