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From Inspiration to Action: I Believe in Volunteers

Indeed, I was the one of the first female doctors to join the UN Clinic medical team in Yemen. Like my home country Cameroon, Yemen desperately needs to increase the number of doctors and nurses to…  

Nothing left for a rainy day as millions of Yemenis suffer

On Saturday, 2 April at 7:00 pm, Yemen began a two-month truce agreed to by the parties of the conflict and brokered by the Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg. And at the same time, the Gulf…  

Yemeni Women: Enhanced Resilience to Climate Change, Leading Yemen’s Future

After nearly seven years of conflict, Yemen’s devastating situation resulted in what is now described as the world’s worst humanitarian and development crisis.  

For an equitable recovery from COVID-19, the key is to listen to women

Women across the Arab States region want and deserve an equal future free from violence and conflict; a future that is inclusive, sustainable and peaceful, with equal rights for all. To get there,…  

Betting on women's leadership as we recover from COVID-19

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, women’s leadership statistics were at best “disappointing”.  

Saving Lives by Breathing Life Back into the Ports of Yemen

In crisis countries like Yemen, investment in infrastructure is often overlooked, but UNDP views this as an extremely important effort to facilitate the entry of humanitarian assistance, to build…  

Yemen’s Young Leaders: Mechatronic Engineers Lead Local Solutions for National Recovery

Empowering Yemeni youth through skills training and funding support, ensures local and sustainable solutions to the on-going socio-economic problems and bottlenecks of humanitarian and development…  

COVID-19 in a Country at War: How YECRP Helps Yemenis Maintain Resilience and Prepare for Recovery

Since the conflict broke out in March 2015, over 3.6 million people have been displaced; one-third of whom live in overcrowded camps and informal settlements that struggle with proper sanitation.  

Fighting COVID-19 one job at a time

Linking the health and socio-economic response in Yemen.  

Conflict, poverty and inequality undermine COVID-19 fight in Yemen

Unless there are robust social protection and economic recovery elements in the health response, the pandemic will ravage the poorest and most unequal country in world.  

COVID-19: Silencing Yemen’s weapons may help save millions from Coronavirus

Ending the fighting now will allow for a UN-led mediated process to end the war and will help prevent a COVID-19 outbreak in an already tenuous environment.  

Podcast: Thoughts on employment and dignity from Hodeidah

UNDP is employing thousands of people in Yemen, especially during this special month of Ramadan. Listen in to find out the ins and outs of temporary employment programmes. Discover why we implement…  

Starting Over: Restoring hope and dignity in Yemen

In addition to restoring development gains, UNDP projects are designed to promote human dignity. UNDP envisages a future in which Yemen has the capacity to address its own challenges, and communities…  

Through the Looking Glass

A beautifully diverse country, Yemen sits at the southern end of the Arabian peninsula. Steeped in culture and rich in World Heritage Sites, Yemen once had a flourishing economy that played a vital…  

YECRP: A story of restored hope for Yemeni people

In response to the devastating crisis, the World Bank has funded and supported the USD $300 million Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in…  

Through KSA and UAE funding, UNDP provides life-changing programming

In March 2018, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates provided USD $930 million in support of the 2018 Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan (YHRP). The funds represent nearly one-third…  

UNDP and the World Bank: Together breaking the binds of conflict and poverty in Yemen

Together, UNDP and the World Bank partnered to launch the unique Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project (YERCP) – a project that effectively responds to the unprecedented needs of the Yemenis,…  

2017: UNDP continued strengthening Yemeni community resilience

Yemen is facing an unprecedented political, humanitarian, and development crisis. Yemen’s post-Arab Spring transition did not conclude peacefully and spiraled into a full-blown war in March 2015.  

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