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The UN Strategic Framework seeks to set out as clearly as possible what needs to be done to prevent the complete collapse of national capacity in Yemen, to restrict the humanitarian crisis from growing, and to support the ongoing efforts towards peace and security in Yemen. Activities will be focused towards sustaining basic social services, socio-economic resilience, social cohesion and protection, and peacebuilding with the following overall goal: to mitigate the impact of the current conflict on the social and economic conditions in Yemen, and on the capacity of state institutions while contributing to ongoing peacebuilding efforts.  

UNDP Yemen has recently finalized a new the Country Programme Document (CPD) which will go into effect in July 2019 through June 2021. Because of the current ongoing context of the conflict and humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the CPD serves as a two-year bridging document. It is designed to be flexible, conflict-sensitive and adaptive and will be reviewed periodically to ensure it is inline with Yemen's rapidly changing needs. 

United Nations Development Asssistance Frameword (UNDAF) - extended up to 2020 - targets the vulnerable population and is geared to support acceleration of MDG progress using Human Rights Based Approach, mainstreaming conflict prevention and promoting interface between humanitarian and development.

The four UNDAF priority areas are: Inclusive & Diversified Economic Growth with a Social Dividend; Sustainable/Equitable Access to quality BSS to Accelerate progress on MDGs; Women and Youth Empowerment; and, Good Governance and Social Cohesion.

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