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Peace Support Operations  

UNDP’s Peace Support Operations Unit designs and implements initiatives that aim to provide visible results in areas critical to the advancement of the overall peace agenda throughout Yemen. Interventions encourage wide and inclusive participation and promote local ownership for the implementation of all peace agreements, including the Hodeidah Agreement to provide a humanitarian corridor for the delivery of assistance. As the political process evolves across conflict-affected areas of the country, initiatives that support the implementation of peace agreements and build confidence in the political dialogue, will be implemented at speed by UNDP and its partners.

A signature intervention under Peace Support Operations Unit is the Peace Support Facility (PSF). The PSF takes an innovative approach by connecting confidence-building initiatives to the political dialogue facilitated by the Special Envoy and supported by the Resident Coordinator. Other initiatives include support to the nationwide clearance of mines and explosives while facilitating the safe movement of families away from frontlines, and, helping restore community assets and social networks. Going forward, the Peace Support Operations team will focus on opportunities to build peace at community level from the ground up while also supporting initiatives that sustain the high-level political process.Partners

To date, partnerships with the World Bank, the European Union, USAID and local financial and service providers have enabled UNDP to address priority needs of affected people in almost all Yemeni governorates and in more than 90 percent of the country’s 333 districts. This partnership also enabled local key service delivery institutions to progressively resume and scale up their services.

Projects and Initiatives

Emergency Mine Action
Peace Support Facility

OVER 3.4 million square meters

of land have been cleared, during 2019

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