Women Empowerment through Preserving Basic Childhood Rights

Due to the current context and considering people’s priority,   ERRY Joint programme has contributed on mitigating people’s agony by its 3X6 approach livelihood component which has the ultimate goal of enhancing resilience through livelihoods recovery programmes during crisis by eventually creating businesses to the most vulnerable people in the targeted areas.

One of the major successful deliverables of this component is the story of three women, Hanan Klada, Nada Bari and Fawzia Al Ahdal, who took a new turn when they found out about UNDP 3X6 approach - part of the EU-funded Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen ERRY Joint programme. ERRY- UNDP 3X6 approach gives a golden opportunity to many entrepreneurs especially women who want to accomplish their dreams of becoming more independent and empowered by managing their own businesses.

The three ambitious women saved money through rapid employment activities- Cash for Work. They also received Life and Business Skills training in complement to their income generating activity. Part of their training, which was conducted under the supervision and coaching of a professional consultant, included Simple Business Plan Development and Basic Marketing Concepts. “ The training I received played a major role on our plan success; I used to have only a desire to have my own business , but now I have both the desire and knowledge”. Nada illustrated.

After receiving the appropriate training, Hanan, Nada and Fawzia decided to jointly work together toward achieving their business plan through using the money they have accumulated during their cash for work period besides the granted money given to them at the final stage. After conducting the need assessments of the area they are living in, with the help of the consultant, the three women decided to establish a small kindergartener. This project did not only help Hanan, Nada, and Fawzia generating an income, but also had a great impact on many children who ,for years, have been dreaming of having a playground and educational zone where they can have a relief of dominated war and conflict environment in the whole country. “You really cannot imagine how happy the kids were as they impatiently were observing the project during its implementation”. Hanan explained.

Since the project was launched in November 2017, the project shows a gradual success and the revenue and profit also has regularly increased.” We provide competitive prices, so during our first year, we have around 70 children. ERRY has made a difference in our life, we have an income now, and the children are also happy. Fawzia added.


  • First year batch exceeded the plan by 40%.
  • In addition to the three founders, five new jobs were created.
  • Community changed impression about women in general. Women became changemakers not just dependent on others.
  • Many Parents are keen to enroll their kids in the nearby school.
  • 2,345 youth have been engaged in community-based cash-for-work activities and Emergency

employment generating more than 70,350 working days through Cash for Work;

  • The Cash for Work has resulted into savings of $1,022,400;
  • 870 micro businesses worth of $1,191,600 were established and are generating income;
  • 22,000 individuals indirectly benefited from the rehabilitation/repair of water dug wells, community roads, and irrigation channels.

    Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen (ERRY) programme is a joint-initiative funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by FAO, ILO, UNDP and WFP in four governorates in Yemen (Hajjah, Hodeidah, Lahj and Abyan). The three-year joint programme aims to enhance the resilience and self-reliance of crisis-affected rural communities through support to livelihoods stabilization, food security, local governance, social cohesion and improved access to sustainable energy.




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