Ahmed Basharif while testing aFish Finding Detector received as part of USAID and UNDP support to fisheries through SMEPS

Mukalla, a seaport and the capital city of Yemen's Hadramout governorate, is located on the southeast coast of Yemen at the edge of the Arabian Sea. For decades, fishing has been the main career for many of the Mukalla residents.

Nonetheless, fishers often face difficulties during their work – primarily, locating fish. 

Ahmed Basharif depends on fishing as a main source of income. However, the conventional fishing techniques he had been using had required him to spend long hours at sea.  "I only spent a little time with my family,” he explains, “because I spent such long hours trying to find fish.”

This changed when Ahmed received assistance from the Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project.  The project provided and trained Ahmed to use a modern fish finding device to locate fish quickly and more efficiently. 

"I received a fish detector and operated it during my work. I was able to catch fish in just a few hours. It was amazing!" says Ahmed. 

The device uses ultrasound waves to detect the locations of fish. The approximate depth of the fish is calculated based on the time taken by the ultrasound waves to return to the sensor.

The project aims to make this new technology available to all fishers and provide them with hands-on training.  In addition to increasing their yield, it also reduces the amount of fuel that is required by their boats.  

To date, the project has provided provided this kind of detector to more than 200 local fishermen in the Mukalla and Alshehr districts of Hadramout. 


Funded by USAID, the Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project (YECRP) is implemented by UNDP, in partnership with the Social Fund for Development (SFD).  This US$11.2 million project creates life and work opportunities for the most vulnerable groups with a view to make households stronger, better able to cope, and capable of assisting and contributing to their communities.

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