SNAPSHOT: A water tank allows children to return to school in Asdas, Yemen

During our visit to the Asdas village in Al-Jawaf, we discovered a group of barefoot children atop donkeys with empty water cans. Upon asking them why they were not in school, we discovered they were…  

SNAPSHOT: Providing Safe Access to Water

In the village of Alarrah in the northwest of Amran, Yemen, people rely on agricultural production to make a living. They grow lentils, barley, beans, fenugreek, and peas.  

SNAPSHOT: Risking Lives for a Drop of Water

Samar was a ten-year-old girl from the village of Al-Hamrah in Ibb, Yemen. This morning she was going about her normal routine of collecing water with her friends – they regularly visited the Manboosh…  

Displaced widow and children get a second chance at life

Yemen’s wide spread armed clashes increasingly threatens the lives of innocent civilians especially those forced to leave their homes and livelihoods in search for safe refuge. Since 2015, the ongoing…  

SNAPSHOT: Access to water helps ensure proper sanitation

Ten-year-old Saleh loved school, but was forced to stop attending his classes because of the lack-of-water supply to his village, Al-Raqqa, in Hajjah District. He and his father, Hilal Sweid, took…  

SNAPSHOT: How a bathroom brings dignity and work to a family

70-year-old Zaid Muhsen Salbah lives with his family in the Dhalima Habour village in Amran District where his life has not always been easy.  

Building household water reservoirs in deprived rural communities

“The lack of water in my village caused my family and I to suffer from dehydration as the nearest source of water is about 3 kilometers away from our house. It takes me about four hours to walk across…  

Mines killed her father, now she got the chance, skill and income

Ms. Samia, 32 years old whose family has been adversely affected due to the ongoing conflict and war. Samia and family was dependent on her father’s salary which was discontinued after his sudden…  

Building latrines for rural households protects their health

40-year-old Ameen Musleh is a resident of Dhalima Habour, Amran Governorate, and has four daughters and four sons.  

Empowering Communities; Restores Their Confidence & Self-Reliance

Going into its fourth year, the war in Yemen has much affected Yemenis forcing them to lose hope in things getting better anytime soon. It had, in many ways, put down people’s morale and…  

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