Top UN Regional Development Official visits Yemen: Immediate focus on strengthening resilience and stabilization while international community considers long-term support.

Oct 10, 2017

UNDP Regional Director for Arab States, Mr. Mourad Wahba and Mr. Auke Lootsma, UNDP Yemen Country Director, visited Aden and met with Yemeni Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Obeid Bin Daghr

9 October 2017, Aden, Yemen – In the immediate term, UNDP will focus its work in areas geared to helping strengthen the resilience of war-affected Yemeni communities and to support stabilization, including demining, maintaining local governance and service-delivery structures, and creating employment for youth, according to UN Assistant Secretary General and UNDP Regional Director for Arab States, Mourad Wahba.

On his first official visit to Aden, since the beginning of the current conflict, Wahba met with HE Dr Ahmed Obeid Bin Daghr, Yemeni Prime Minister and key members of his cabinet, including HE Judge Jamal Omar, Minister of Justice, HE Dr Nohal AL-Aulaqi, Minster of Legal Affairs, Mr Hussein Mansour Secretary General of the prime Ministry, Dr Nizar Basahib, Deputy Minister of Planning, and Mr Ahmed Selim Rubai, First Deputy Governor of Aden.

“Financial flows are essential to accelerate recovery efforts including rehabilitation of houses and infrastructure and fighting unemployment, which is a cornerstone for stabilization,” stressed, Prime Minister Bin Daghr, thanking UNDP for its efforts alleviating the suffering of Yemenis ever since the beginning of the crisis. “We continue to need support from the UN as we work towards peace and development, and the Government of Yemen stands ready to facilitate the work of the UN in all ways possible”.

Mr. Wahba noted that discussions are ongoing with other international other organizations and the permanent mission of the republic of Yemen to the UN on how best to support Yemen on the longer run.

While in Aden, Regional Director, Wahba visited UNDP-supported vocational training for youth, funded by the Government of Japan as part of the ‘Yemen Stabilization Programme.’ The Centre is currently helping over 420 young women and men from 3 districts in Aden to gain the required skills to launch their small businesses.

“In the youth I met today, I felt a lot of hope and drive for new ideas and new skills as they embark on their first steps towards successful entrepreneurship,” underscored Wahba. ”Employment support and community protection activities will help neighbourhoods like the district of Crater, which we visited today, to stabilize and start afresh”.

Regional Director Wahba also met UNDP staff in Aden, thanking them for their tireless efforts under the current difficult circumstances of operation.

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