UNDP in Yemen launched the “Restore the disrupted livelihoods of crisis-affected populations” component of the Yemen Stabilization Programme.

Oct 3, 2017

Women beneficiaries gaining new life skills

Aden, October 02, 2017 - United Nations Development Programme in Yemen launched the “Restore the disrupted livelihoods of crisis-affected populations” component within the framework of the Yemen Stabilization Programme. 

The Stabilization Programme in Yemen is fubded by Government of Japan and it aims to strengthening the resilience of the Yemeni community to cope with the effects of the current unrest and enable those whose livelihoods were severely disrupted to recover and rebuild their lives. The programme has three components:

  • Generate knowledge on local stabilisation needs
  • Restore the disrupted livelihoods of crisis-affected populations
  • Strengthen community-based protection mechanisms with a focus on women and youth

The component “Restore the disrupted livelihoods of crisis-affected populations” component will promote the reviving of livelihoods, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups, to link participants with skills development (technical, life and business skills) and access to finance (grants or start-up kits) to support the establishment of micro-enterprises in socially significant sectors such as agro-processing, bakeries, private educators and health providers, recycling etc.

Women participation will be promoted through discrete strategies in the design and implementation of the livelihoods interventions, as conflict has granted new economic opportunities for Yemeni women to access, often becoming the breadwinners of their families.

The Vocational Training programme at the three-targeted districts in Aden (Mualla, Craiter and Attwahi) will be launched to equip communities with technical capacity, entrepreneurship, and business skills.

It is expected that outcome of these activities will result in empowering women, enhancing the skills and knowledge of the community members on business skills and entrepreneurships which will expand their income generating potential.


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Head of Aden Sub-Office

Sylvain Merlen,  (Sylvain.Merlen@undp.org)
Surayo Buzurukova, Team Leader Governance and Peace-Building Unit (surayo.buzurukova@undp.org) 


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