First Social Business Lab in Sana’a to support social entrepreneurship for resilience inaugurated

Oct 26, 2015


Sana’a, Yemen, 26 October 2015 -- UNDP launched today Yemen’s first Social Business Lab in partnership with the Business Support Center, the Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Service (SMEPS), ROWAD Entrepreneurs Foundation and the Yemen Women Union, gathering 50 youth from five crisis-affected districts of Sana’a to identify promising business-oriented solutions to their communities’ challenges.


The Lab will bring together 50 participating youth who will acquire in-depth understanding on the value of social entrepreneurship, the depth of the impact of Yemen crisis on businesses and the need for new models, design thinking and marketing tools as well as an accelerator to social business plan formulation. The objective of the four-day event that includes field visits and surveys in Ma’een, Al Saba’een, Bani Al Hareth, Sho’ub and Al Safia districts of Sana'a Secretariat will also anchor the customer at the heart of the social business stage.

UNDP has been at the forefront of supporting social entrepreneurship through re-starting 10 affected bakeries in Aden, establishing a garbage collection business that employs 11 youth in Sana’a, and equipping 250 young and unemployed midwives in Taizz governorate with skills and equipment to set up rural clinics, amongst other initiatives as a means to bridge resilience building, youth employment and enterprise recovery.

“In every crisis, there are also opportunities for people with a creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative mind-set, that are willing to turn the problems around and see how their communities can be, rather than how they are,” said Ms. Mikiko Tanaka, UNDP Country Director.

The Social Business Lab is expected to generate 50 social business ideas responding to communities’ most pressing challenges, placing particular attention on businesswomen needs, as well as raising awareness on social entrepreneurship and deepen linkages between creative youth and the business community. The Lab will also connect entrepreneurial youth with the Yemeni Diaspora through the Yemen Our Home crowdfunding platform, to provide alternative financing through innovative partnerships.

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