UNDP re-opens ten bakeries in Aden

Oct 19, 2015

Bakery owner signing commitment charter to re-open his business and offer bread at half price for two weeks in Mu’alla district, Aden

Aden, UNDP in partnership with For All Foundation launched a project re-opening of ten formerly closed bakeries under an enterprise recovery initiative, from a total of 18 in Al-Mualla neighbourhood of Aden. The bread produced from this in-kind assistance will be sold to the public at half market price for an initial period of two weeks which will also provide income-generation opportunities for 16 vulnerable youth in Al-Mualla district.

Since March 2015, Yemen is experiencing a severe crisis with an estimated 80% of its population being currently in need of humanitarian assistance. Livelihoods have been profoundly disrupted with mass scale unemployment and closure of businesses due to insecurity and the import restrictions that particularly impacted on the availability of fuel and food items, including flour.

UNDP is providing the ten bakeries with wheat, diesel and water tanks to sell bread at half price for a period of two weeks. This will allow for the availability and access to vital food products at an affordable price for host populations, internally displaced persons and returnees that have been negatively affected by the conflict. Complementary to this support, 16 vulnerable youth will be trained on bakery tools and know-how and provided with bicycles to initiate a bread delivery service to the local communities as a form of social business.

"Many businesses closed during the war in Aden, people struggled to find essential items such as water, bread or other food items. Revitalising the private sector helps to revive communities and local economic activity,” said Farah Abdessamad, UNDP Programme Specialist.

"This initiative will help me to start up my business again, I lost all savings during the conflict,” said Abdulhameed, a bakery owner in Al-Mualla neighborhood.

UNDP Yemen is assisting the private sector to recover from the crisis through in-kind and financial support, in order to promote stabilization of livelihoods and the return of essential goods and services to affected communities. Through social entreprise promotion, UNDP targets businesses that not only generate profit and jobs, but contribute to social impact at the community-level to offer business-solutions to challenges impacting the lives of vulnerable Yemenis.

To read more about UNDP Yemen’s work during the ongoing conflict, click here.

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Programme Specialist in Sana’a

Farah Abdessamad
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