UNDP champions community radio to promote culture of employability and entrepreneurship for youth in the central and southern governorates

Mar 17, 2015

Part of the youth attended the event

UNDP is supporting a community-based business radio show on Lana Radio, airing for Yemeni youth in Aden and neighbouring governorates. In partnership with 21 Century Forum and Lana Radio, UNDP launched today in Aden its first public event on economic and employment-related topics, bringing listeners and journalists together for unique opportunities to exchange. The first event was attended by over 100 youth, in addition to representatives from UNDP, NGOs and journalists in Khormaksar. Eleven gatherings, focusing on employability and entrepreneurship, will be moderated by trained journalists of Lana Radio to further stimulate the interest of youth in these important themes, as the business radio programme becomes more popular.

 “We are inspired and benefited from the information presented today on how to select a good field of work according to my interests and job prospects I like that the speaker has told us about the psychometric tests available online and resources that help us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our characters.  I recommend to repeat it again and to share the experience of successful people,” says Sedeeq Mohammed, 22, one of the youth attendees.

The events within the initiative started with the business radio programme (“Turning Point”) aired on Lana Radio since December 2014 which has been targeting over 750,000 listeners. These public gatherings will reach out to over 6,000 youth in Aden, Lahej, Dhale, Abyan and Ibb and parts of Taiz governorates.

“UNDP aims to instill the culture of entrepreneurship as a general public mindset, to complement our concrete activities supporting employment and the economy,” said Mr. Sylvain Merlen, the Head of the UNDP Sub-office in Aden.

The events will host experts to provide insights and interact with the public. Success stories will be presented and available opportunities in addition to useful resources for further information will be shared to the audience for greater learning impact.

“Media can be a powerful tool to improve people’s lives. Yemen suffers from a high rate of illiteracy, so we utilise radio to reach all people,” said Nadia al-Saqqaf, the chairwoman of 21 Century Forum, UNDP’s partner.

This initiative is implemented through UNDP’s Youth Economic Empowerment Programme, operational across nine governorates in Yemen, which aims at promoting self-reliance for Yemeni youth through unleashing their entrepreneurship and employability potential.

Contact information

Mr. Abdulraoof Al-Sumairi, Youth Economic Empowerment Programme Field Manager in Aden
Mobile: (+967) 712221953
E-mail: abdulraoof.al-sumairi@undp.org

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