Signing ceremony of a project that will support Government’s efforts to address ghost workers and double dippers

Oct 30, 2014

Dr. Mohammad Al-Saadi, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Mr. Nabil Mohammed Shamsan, Minister of Civil Service and Ms. Mikiko Tanaka, UNDP Country Director during siging

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the Government of Yemen (GoY), represented by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and Ministry of Civil Service (MoCS) signed the “Strengthening Civil Service and Human Resources Management Project (SHRM)”.  This three year project is aiming to address the general structure of the public service in Yemen as well as the issue of ghost workers and double dippers.

The project is estimated to cost around US$9.8 million. Moreover, the project will contribute three main outcomes:- 1) Web-based public sector biometric central database, accurately consolidating all public human resources databases and all public sector staff data established; 2) Double dippers and ghost workers are eliminated from the Yemeni public sector and are not likely to reappear due to consistent in implementation of human resources staffing policies that are in accordance with the law, backed by Public Sector Human Resources Procedures and Guidelines; and 3) A professional, organized and responsive public sector Human Resources management environment with legal policy, templates, guidelines and procedures, progressively consolidates organization structure of the public sector in Yemen, at the central, federal, regional, and local levels.

Furthermore, the project will be implemented in a responsive and flexible manner. The approach recognizes that, given the technical and political challenges, the intervention will only succeed as a partnership between the national partners, UNDP, the international community and other stakeholders. Intergovernmental working groups, led by-high profile government agents of change will be established to spearhead reforms and a cultural change throughout the entire public administration.

Technical assistance will be provided to support the Ministry of Civil Service in updating and modernizing Human Resources Procedures and Guidelines, as well as formulation of a new Human Resources Manual and assuring that all key stakeholders are restructuring their internal organizations in line with anticipated requirements. Specialized technical expertise will also be provided to follow the procurement and installation of the software and hardware required for the central biometric database. The biometric database will include a depository of information from civil servants to prepare for payment via the banking system as well as the possibility to link with payroll cycles in the near future.

The project document was signed by H.E. Dr. Mohammad Al-Saadi, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, H.E Mr. H.E Nabil Mohammed Shamsan, Minister of Civil Service, Ms. Mikiko Tanaka, UNDP Country Director. The signing ceremony was attended by officials from the Ministries of Planning and Civil Service and UNDP.


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