UNDP Congratulates Government of Yemen on Launching the Partnership Framework with Civil Society Organizations

Mar 4, 2014

UNDP Congratulates Government of Yemen on Launching the Partnership Framework with Civil Society Organizations - Cover page

SANA'A, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) congratulates the Government of Yemen (GoY) on its remarkable achievement of launching the "Partnership Framework between the Government of Yemen and Civil Society Organizations" during the “Partnership for Development Knowledge Conference” held today at Movenpick Hotel in Sana'a. The partnership framework is part of the Government's commitment to the Mutual Accountability Framework (MAF) approved at Donors Meeting held in Riyadh in September 2012. The framework, which was endorsed by the Government in September 2013, shows that the GoY is dedicated to advancing sustainable development and improving service delivery throughout Yemen. Dr. Ahmed Shadoul, United Nations Resident Coordinator, a.i., explained "A close partnership between the GoY and CSOs in Yemen is a new concept, which should aim at empowering and engaging CSOs. The GoY realizes that development requires the participation of multi-stakeholders, including CSOs and the private sector, in policymaking, implementation, and evaluation."

The Government is now identifying CSOs as equal partners in development and is anticipated to facilitate their contribution to service deliver and policy development through this mutually agreed partnership framework. Dr. Edward Christow, UNDP Governance Team Leader Advisor, clarified that "the transition period that followed the 2011 events brought about new rights to protest, greater freedom of expression and opened the stage for emerging CSOs to organize and engage in formal and informal civil society activities and public dialogue." CSOs' participation in development policies will ease the burden of development and service delivery off the shoulders of the government.

The GoY sought the technical expertise of UNDP, through its Emergency Capacity Development Facility (ECDF) programme, to support the process of consultations and elaboration of the partnership framework. In this regard, UNDP is very committed to empowering CSOs to take part in public participation in which those who are affected by a decision are able to be involved in the decision-making processes. CSOs are currently well positioned to encourage public participation through a practical, transparant and well-defined partnership framework with the Government. UNDP will continue supporting both, the Government and CSOs, to advance this partnership and instill a culture of civil participation in government decision-making processes.

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