UNDP Welcomes Appointment of Prime Minister Spokesperson

Feb 24, 2014

Prime Minister Office, Sana'a Yemen

SANA'A, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) welcomes the appointment of the Prime Minister Spokesperson, Mr. Rajeh Badi, and considers the establishment of the official spokesperson office an important step in improving communication and transparency across by the Government of Yemen. Dr. Edward Christow, UNDP Governance Team Leader Advisor, commended the Prime Minster Office on the spokesperson appointment adding that the "Government of Yemen continues to demonstrate its commitment to good governance by upgrading its communication strategies and using practical tools of communication and crisis management to strengthen its accountability, transparency and credibility".

UNDP looks forward to make use of the weekly press conference that the official spokesperson will convene so that the citizens of Yemen and the international community can be informed about the outputs and decisions of the Council of Ministers' weekly meetings and the implementation of the National Dialogue Conference outcomes. In this regard, Dr. Rawhi Afaghani, UNDP Strategic Communication Expert, explained that the Government is showing tremendous improvement in its two-way communication with its citizens, adding that "the new spokesperson at the Prime Minister Office will be very effective tool to bring the government closer to the people. However, it is also highly sensitive and requires strong professionalism, impartiality and objectivity." UNDP will continue its support to the Prime Minister Office through it Emergency Capacity Development Facility programme, particularly in the area of strategic communication and good governance.

Contact information

Dr. Rawhi Afaghani, Strategic Communication Expert, Emergency Capacity Development Facility, UNDP-Yemen. Mobile: (+967) 71 222  1759 and E-mail: rawhi.afaghani@undp.org

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