Swedish and UNDP signed a Cost Sharing Agreement to support Transitional Justice

Dec 24, 2013

The UNDP's Acting Resident Representative Mr. Mahamed Hassen and Mr. Anders Frankenberg, Head of MENA Unit of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) signed a Cost Sharing Agreement through which the SIDA will donate SEK 14,000,000 ($ 2,1 million, approximately) to support the Implementation of Transitional Justice Project in Yemen. 

”Supporting the institutions that will establish facts about the past are of key importance for transitional justice process in Yemen,” says the Minister of the Legal Affairs Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi. He also stressed that activities related to raising awareness on transitional justice and supporting Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have a crucial role in initiating and securing societal dialogue on the state, regional and local levels, and further promoting reparations, rights of the victims and vulnerable groups and making connections between institutions and citizens.

Mr. Frankenberg said that he believed that the SIDA donation would additionally contribute to achieving all of the project intended results.

Mr. Hassen also stressed that transitional justice is of critical importance for the transition period in Yemen, as stated in the 2011 November political agreement. Supporting CSOs and non-judicial bodies to investigate violations from the past and initiating raising awareness activities to understand the concept of the transitional justice helps to legitimize the transition justice process and secure a widely public acceptance.

The contribution is a part of multi-donor contribution. The Government of Yemen with the support of UNDP will continue fund-raising efforts in order to all the component of the project are fully funded to allow achievement of the intended results. 

Contact information

Mr. Dragan Popovic, Chief Technical Advisor-Transitional Justice, 
Support to the Implementation of Transitional Justice in Yemen, UNDP-Yemen. 
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E-mail: dragan.popovic@undp.org 
Ministry of Legal Affairs
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