The Netherlands inters into an agreement with UNDP to Support Transitional Justice

Nov 13, 2013

Transitional Justice in Yemen

SANA'A - a cost sharing agreement between the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands and UNDP was signed on 13 November 2013 between Ms. Renate Pors Acting Charge’ d Affair and Head of Development Cooperation at the  Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands Embassy in Yemen and  UNDP Acting Resident Representative Mr. Mahamed Hassen for an amount of $754,876 to support Transitional Justice Project in Yemen. This contribution will be dedicated for activities related to Civil Society Organizations, raising awareness on transitional justice and outreach. 

In this respect His Excellency the Minister of the Legal Affairs, Mohammed Al-Mikhlafi stressed that “raising awareness on Transitional Justice and outreach are one of the key components of the transitional justice process in Yemen in order to help the citizens to understand the Transitional Justice concept and to actively participate in the societal dialogue about the future of Yemen.” He also stressed that Civil Society Organizations had crucial role in initiating and securing the societal dialogue on the state, regional and the local level, but also in promoting rights of the victims and vulnerable groups and making connections between institutions and citizens. 

Ms. Renate underlined that implementation of the project’s activities which the Netherlands Government is particularly interested in, will significantly contribute in securing citizen’s participation in discussing all important issues relevant to the societal and political transition in Yemen. 

UNDP Acting Resident Representative Mr. Mahamed Hassen also stressed that Civil Society Organizations were crucial partners in dealing with the past processes, especially to initiating bottom-up approach. He also underlined that Civic organizations had leading role in securing voices of the victims, vulnerable groups and local communities, which is of crucial importance for understanding the people’s needs and their perceptions. Through involvement of Civil Society Organizations, transitional justice process will be additionally legitimized and widely accepted. 

Contact information

Mr. Dragan Popovic, Chief Technical Advisor-Transitional Justice, Support to the Implementation of Transitional Justice in Yemen, UNDP-Yemen. Mobile: (+967) 71 222 1401 and E-mail:

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