Contribution Agreement between the EU Delegation in Yemen and the UNDP signed

Nov 3, 2013

Transitional Justice in Yemen

The Head of Delegation of the EU in Yemen Ms. Bettina Muscheidt and the UNDP's Senior Country Director Mr. Gustavo Gonzalez signed a Contribution Agreement through which the EU will donate €1 million to the Transitional Justice Project (Support to the Implementation of Transitional Justice in Yemen). This contribution will be allocated to support all project activities, such as those related to building capacity of the Ministry of Legal Affairs, the Land and Dismissals commissions, truth commission, various commissions of inquiry and civil society, but also to secure future recommendations of the NDC and to raise awareness on transitional justice and its mechanisms. 

In respect to that, the Minister of the legal Affairs, Mohammed Almiklafi stressed that the MoLA was very interested in implementing all the project’s activities but particularly those related to supporting the Land and Dismissals commissions. He added that he personally and the MoLA institutionally were very keen to do everything to assist the commissions to achieve their mandates, since the Land and Dismissals commissions carried heavy burden in addressing injustice in the Southern Governorates.

The Head of the EU Delegation underlined that she expected that the donation would significantly contribute to the UNDP and the project’s mission to successfully support transition process in Yemen and transitional justice in particular since it was its unavoidable part, as stated in the Security Council Resolutions on Yemen.

The UNDP's Senior Country Director also stressed that transitional justice is of critical importance for the transition process in Yemen and that Land and Dismissals Commissions are integrated part of it. He also said that the commissions' work was of utmost significance to securing successfulness of the NDC. On that way transitional justice process would be additionally legitimized and widely accepted. 

This donation is a part of multi-donor contribution. The UNDP continues its fund-raising activities in order to secure full funding of the project.

Contact information

Mr. Dragan Popovic, Chief Technical Advisor-Transitional Justice, Support to the Implementation of Transitional Justice in Yemen, UNDP-Yemen. Mobile: (+967) 71 222 1401 and E-mail:

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