UNDP Fosters Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Yemen

Jul 8, 2013

Launch of the Youth Innovation and Creativity Award under the Patronage of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Sana’a, under the patronage of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, UNDP and Government of Yemen have launched the Youth Innovation and Creativity Award, with the vibrant participation of 600 youth and representatives from the Government as well as the international community.

The Government of Yemen has made job creation, in particular for youth, a priority during the transitional period.

The Youth Innovation and Creativity Award aims to mobilize the ingenuity and dynamic potential of young Yemenis as well as to create employment. It is an opportunity for the large unemployed youth population of Yemen to confront the country's development challenges.

In addition, field visits were conducted today with a high-level delegation including the Minister of Youth, Mr. Muammar al-Eryani, the Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Saad Al Deen bin Talib, the Japanese Ambassador Mr. Katsu Yoshie Hayashi, the Korean Chargé d'affaires Mr. Sangmin Lee and the UNDP Senior Country Director, Mr. Gustavo Gonzalez, to monitor ongoing efforts on the ground and boost business innovation.

The delegation visited 50 young entrepreneurs who have opened their own businesses, individually or in joint ventures, in the framework of the "3x6 employment approach" which supports micro-business creation through savings.

The delegation also visited ARWA Plastics Factory and Shamlan Water Company as one of the private sector partners where youth beneficiaries are currently trained on the job. The offer-demand matching initiative is implemented by the national NGO "Yemen Education for Employment" (YEFE). Their Chairman Alwan Shaibani emphasized the importance for UNDP and YEFE to work closely with the private sector to generate employment.

The Youth Innovation and Creativity Award was the occasion for a young Yemeni talent, Emad Al-Sakaf, to present his innovative idea introducing solar energy in Yemen; for Mr Mohammed Abdu Saeed to share with the youth his entrepreneurial success story, how he started from scratch in a small Aden shop to becoming today's well known business empire; for Nadia Al Sakkaf, the Business for Peace Winner 2013, to provide inspirational examples how every success starts with an idea, and for young Yemenis to display their musical talents.

“The youth should not rely on the central authorities and open their own projects,” says the Minister of Industry and Trade.

Gustavo Gonzalez, UNDP Senior Country Director highlighted, “lack of employment and prospect for the youth have been at the basis of the so called Arab spring. Without addressing this priority, any political transition risk being unsustainable. This is why UNDP supports national partners in fostering youth as the engine of the transition”. The event was broadcasted live and can be reviewed here www.yemenyouthaward.com

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