Women and children, first victims in armed conflict

Jun 25, 2013

Yemeni Police Officers with UNDP Senior Country Director at the opening ceremony

SANA’A, 25 June 2013. Like many other conflict areas, the recent Arab uprising had a negative impact on women and children, who bear disproportionately the consequences of wars and suffer violations of human rights. To address this issue in Yemen, the Ministry of Interior in the Republic of Yemen and the United Nations Development Programme under its funded project “Emergency Capacity Development Facility” has launched two workshops to train high-rank police staff on the social and economic impacts that women and children faces during armed conflicts. The first workshop inaugurated yesterday and continues today under the patronage of the Minister of Interior at the Police Officers Club in Sana’a, with the participation of Police staff from the Northern and Central governorates.

In his opening speech, the Deputy Minister of Interior for Finance and Human Recourses, Major General Dr. Mohammed Al Shorafi stressed the readiness of the Ministry of Interior in providing dedicated highly quality trained police officers in tackling and addressing this phenomena to the Yemeni society, as well as the importance of professional development of the Ministry of Interior cadres. He thanked United Nations Development Programme’s support under the Emergency Capacity Development Facility project and announced that the second workshop will be organized in Aden during the period 2-3 July for police officers in the southern governorates.

The Senior Country Director of United Nations Development Programme Mr. Gustavo Gonzalez emphasized that “women and children remain the most affected victims in armed conflicts and that Yemen is no exception to this problem”. He also indicated “that women and children represent the future of any society and that if they are not adequately protected , the future is then put at risk”.

The opening ceremony was attended by senior police officers, United Nations Development Programme officials, representatives from The Netherlands and the United States of America and media.

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