UNDP and the Government's Cleaning and Improvement Fund partner in Taiz Governorate to empower youth economically

May 18, 2013

UNDP launched new activities in Taiz on aiming to create sustainable employment for young disadvantaged Yemenis

After a few days of starting the 3X6 approach in Aden, the Government of Yemen, through its Youth Economic Empowerment Project (YEEP) implemented with support from UNDP and the Governments of Japan and Korea launched new activities in Taiz on May 9, aiming to create sustainable employment for young disadvantaged Yemenis.

The "3X6" approach will be implemented in three phases , the first phase is creating rapid employment opportunities, enabling young people to generate capital. They save two-thirds of their wages in saving accounts and receive basic entrepreneurship training to develop a business idea. In the second phase, feasible projects will obtain financial support (grants) from UNDP to complement the savings in view of establishing micro-businesses.

The launch was under the patronage of and attended by the Governor Deputy for Dewan Affairs, the Cleaning and Improvement Fund, The Social Fund for Development, The Environmental Awareness Center , The Youth Ministry office, Educations offices, Improvement and Environment Department, the Local Authority of Taiz, local and international NGOs and more than 140 youth.

Fuad Alkadasi , the Head of UNDP Poverty and Sustainable Development Unit, explained the main objectives of the project including eradication of poverty  and creating sustainable livelihoods for youth while Caroline Lensing-Hebben, the Chief Technical Advisor of the project, indicated that UNDP is supporting the Yemeni government in ensuring equal opportunities for all Yemenis in this transition period.

Youth from Taiz will conduct afforestation activities in four districts. This activity is implemented in partnership with the Cleaning and Improvement Fund (Governor's office) which contributed significantly to the provision of the required material, aiming to create environmental awareness among students through tree planting,  to ultimately increase the tree coverage which is the global benchmark for a country to be considered environmentally stable.

It is worth mentioning that For All Foundation is the national partner in this project in three governorates of Sana'a, Aden, Taiz . The foundation played a vital and effective role in the piloting of  the"3X6" approach in Yemen.

"It is very important to have methodologies like 3x6 in order to empower youth economically, especially in the province of Taiz where the unemployment rate is increasing significantly", says Mohammed Alborihi the Executive Director of the Cleaning and Improvement Fund .

Ali Abdul-Lateef Rajeh , the deputy governor for Dewan affairs expressed the need to unite all efforts to support this pilot project to create sustainable development for unemployed young people and he says " This project will  play a significant role in qualifying youth, improving their skills and providing them with job opportunities " .   

"This project will provide youth with sustainable jobs to entirely depend on themselves", says Sabah Badri Bakker the Executive Director of For All Foundation.

The youth beneficiaries wish to get a chance through the 3x6 approache to improve their living conditions.

"This project will give me source of income  and a chance to rely on myself " says Afaf Abdullah Abdo, 22, who wishes to take courses on business administration to manage her business resulting from 3x6 and be a business women

"I want to have my own business and I prefer to start a small business of my own rather working for others", Majed Taha, 29, who is dreaming to have his own pharmacy in the future.

Zaid Ismael, 24 , confirmed that he is so happy of being involved in this project after he had to leave school to support his family.

The approach has been launched in Sana’a in December 2012 where youth are now engaged in building their businesses (second phase) mentored by UNDP and youth from Aden work with water restrictors  installed in mosques and schools to reduce water usage.

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