3x6 Approach Launched in Aden to Mitigate Youth Unemployment and Address Water Scarcity

May 2, 2013

3x6 Approach Launched in Aden

The Government of Yemen, through its Youth Economic Empowerment Project (YEEP) implemented with support from UNDP and the Governments of Japan and Korea launched the "3x6 approach" on May 2, aiming to create sustainable employment for young disadvantaged Yemenis in Aden.

The 3x6 approach is being implemented in Yemen for the first time, to contribute to peace building and economic recovery by mitigating the rampant unemployment issue amongst youth. The approach has three main phases—inclusiveness, ownership and sustainability.

During phase I, period of income-generation through temporary employment, individuals are encouraged to develop a business idea that they will implement individually or in association with others in Phase II. Youth in Aden in phase I work with water restrictors. A plastic disc pushes air through with the water, to reduce water usage. A small plastic disc is installed into the water taps at schools, mosques and public places. It will reduce the amount of water flow and contribute to reducing the consumption of water, a critical problem in Yemen considering the water scarcity.

In Phase II, once the business plan is found to be solid, UNDP will triple the savings of the individual or group to provide start-up capital for implementation of the business idea.

Phase III is a period of consolidation of the business and the project ensures that the young entrepreneurs have access to information about the business environment and existing services relevant to their business idea. The project will facilitate linkages with other services so that long term sustainability of the businesses is ensured.

 “We want to create sustainable livelihoods for youth in Aden,” says Caroline Lensing-Hebben, the Chief Technical Advisor of the project.

The launch was under the patronage of and attended by the Ministry of Planning, the Governor's office, the Local Authority of Aden and Guidance and Endowments office. More than 150 youth attended.

“It is very important to implement such a project and I call upon all business people and officials to support youth to build their bright future,” says Majed al-Shajeri, from the Union of the SCOs.

Ahmed Al-Dulai, the Deputy Governor of Aden, expressed his pleasure to have the 3x6 approach implemented in Aden. “Youth should not only depend on the government to offer them jobs. The 3x6 approach will provide them with an income and an opportunity to implement their own projects. The 3x6 approach is a good chance for them,” he says, “The business market is also big and inclusive to youth’s future businesses.” 

“The approach will help youth to be self-dependent and their skills to grow which will ultimately result in supporting the economic development in Aden,” says Intisar Murshid, from MoPIC in Aden. 

The youth beneficiaries aspire to secure a sustainable income as most of them are jobless struggling to secure their living not only for them but for their families as well.

“I hope that I will have a source of income to support myself and my family,” says Abdullah Makashi, 19, who left his school to support his family and planned to be a street vendor jointly with others.

 “I always wanted to be a lawyer but I had to stop my university education to work,” says Rana Mahioub, 24, unemployed for four years, aiming to have a beauty salon out of her participation in the project.

For All Foundation, headed by Sabah Badri Bakker, has a crucial role in the implementation of the approach as UNDP's national partner in the three governorates. The approach has been launched in Sana’a in December 2012 where youth are now engaged in building their businesses (second phase) mentored by UNDP and youth from Taiz will start their activities on May 9th. 

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