Graduation Ceremony Marks the Success of the first phase of the UNDP's "3x6" Youth Employment Approach

Mar 11, 2013

Graduation Ceremony Marks the Success of the first phase of the UNDP's "3x6" Approach

A graduation ceremony was conducted today to celebrate the successful completion of the first phase of the "3x6 approach" aiming to empower youth with sustainable employment. The ceremony was organized by the Government of Yemen via its Youth Economic Empowerment Project which is implemented by For All Foundation and supported by UNDP and the Governments of Japan and Korea.

70 youth participants gathered all in line to celebrate their success in the first stage where they earned an income by rehabilitating more than 14 schools and public places over a period of two month. They have learned new skills and have been trained on business planning to implement their own businesses in the next phase with the capital they have saved.

The ceremony has presented a song motivating youth to find their path. The youth in their blue rubes and hats walked towards the stage to receive certificates of completion handed over by the Minister of Youth and Sports Muammar al-Eryani, UNDP Deputy Country Director Mahamed Hassen, MoPIC Representative Abdullah Hassan al-Shatir, Secretary Capital Deputy Governor Ameen Juman, and Sabah Badri, Executive Director of For All Foundation.

The "3x6 approach" is being implemented for the first time in Yemen, replicating a model applied with success in Burundi. The Youth Economic Empowerment Project uses the approach to contribute to peace building and the economic recovery process by mitigating the rampant unemployment issue amongst youth.

The approach has three main phases—inclusiveness, ownership and sustainability.
During phase I, the period of temporary employment, individuals are encouraged to develop a business idea that they will implement individually or in association with others in Phase II.

In Phase II, once the business plan is found to be solid, the project will triple the savings of the individual or group to provide start-up capital for implementation of the business idea.

Phase III is a period of consolidation of the business and the project ensures that the young entrepreneurs have access to information about the business environment and existing services relevant to their business idea. The project will facilitate linkages with other services so that long term sustainability of the businesses is ensured.

With the support of international donors and organizations, the Government is working to create projects with inclusiveness, ownership and sustainability, says Abdullah Hassan al-Shatir, the Deputy Minister of the Development Program Plans Sector in the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. He welcomed that the project is fostering stability in the country. The project is addressing a very key sector by supporting livelihoods. “I really cried when I heard the young woman talking about her project which will support her father and brother, it is very touching,” he adds.

Mahamed Hassen, UNDP Deputy Country Director, congratulated the youth for the successful completion of the first phase and announced the upcoming inauguration of the 3x6 approach activities in Taiz. He emphasized that empowering youth is very crucial not only to youth. “Investing in youth is not only investing in their future, it is investing in our[ the countries] future as well.”

The youth have utilized the opportunity to speak up to the audience about their new perspectives and their ideas for micro start-ups.

The youth were surrounded by their families and beloved ones to celebrate their success and ability to move forward. “I feel I am born and I am now starting a new life,” says one of the participant youth. One of the woman participants presented her business idea in the event and explained how she beat up all challenges. She said that her project will be a small cafeteria and she will deploy her poor father and brother so they can all secure a source of income for the poor family.

They are now entering the phase of actual business creation, to have their ideas becoming living examples.

The ceremony was widely attended by more than 500 people and high-level officials, including the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation , the Minister of Youth and Sports, the Capital of Secretary, and the Deputy Country Director of UNDP.

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