A large partnership to assess governance in Yemen: The Government and UNDP launch challenging study

Feb 24, 2013

The Government and UNDP launch challenging study

Sana’a, Sunday, 24 February 2013 – Dr. Mohammad Al-Saadi, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, H.E Ali Mohammed Al-Yazidi, Minister of Local Administration, Minister of Local Administrator, and Mr. Gustavo Gonzalez UNDP Senior Country Director will sign today a project document to undertake an assessment of formal and informal governance in Yemen. A large partnership, comprising the Government of Yemen as well as the academia and national NGOs, will be in charge of conducting this unprecedented exercise in the country.

The project aims at conducting a political economy and drivers of change analysis of the informal and formal governance structures in Yemen and to explore the prospects for how best these two systems can work together and come up with a Yemeni Governance Prototype. The findings and analysis of the study will help inform not only the Government of Yemen, relevant national stakeholders, including the Private Sector and academia, but also development partners in their planning and support to the governance sector.

“This assessment will come up with valuable information from the ground, bringing a new picture of the governance landscape in the country – highlighted H.E Ali Mohammed Al-Yazidi, the Minister of Local Administration-. The study will disaggregate data at national and local levels, recognizing the interaction of formal and informal governance sectors in the country”, he added.

“With this exercise, UNDP expects to make the most of national researchers, think-tanks and academia in analyzing the governance dynamic -pointed out Gustavo Gonzalez, UNDP Senior Country Director-. The assessment will also have a critical impact on the post-transition, when the new governance institutions will be established”, he added.

The formal informal assessment report will be financed by UNDP and will be finalized by the mid of the year.

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