United Nations System in Yemen hails Riyadh donor meeting

Sep 9, 2012


The two-day meeting of Yemen’s donors   4-5 September has demonstrated the commitment of the international community to support Yemen to overcome current development and humanitarian challenges in addition to ensuring   the timely and honest implementation of the GCC initiative and its implementation mechanism.
Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, UN Humanitarian and Resident Coordinator said: “The message from the donors was clear, that Yemen deserves urgent support to ensure a successful transition to a stable nation. Several donors highlighted the humanitarian crisis  faced by the country  and the need to address it.”

The United Nations, who played an important role in supporting the Yemeni government and other partners in preparation for the conference, will continue its support to the Yemenis. The scope of the UN assistance and contribution to Yemen for the Transition period 2012-2014 amounts to over $1.5 billion. These are meant to make linkage between humanitarian, early recovery, development assistance, and sustainable livelihoods to address the acute and chronic humanitarian crises prevailing in Yemen.

The United Nations and International NGOs in Yemen called for support to meet the most pressing needs of the millions facing humanitarian crisis. Emergency interventions are critical. The humanitarian community in Yemen is working with the Government to respond to growing needs, but requires more support to expand the response. Of the $584.5 million required for humanitarian operations this year, aid agencies have so far received only $272.5 million.

UN agencies have reached 2.2 million people out of 6 million that the agencies have targeted to assist this year. These include over 60,000 severely acutely malnourished children who have been treated to combat malnutrition; 1.7 million food insecure people and 1.2 people with health needs. 3,4 million people were assisted with critical food assistance. The agencies have also assisted 271,000 with shelter and 474,000 with water needs, as well as 272,000 refugees and migrants. 

The UN System in Yemen also supports the Government towards implementing the transition milestones outlined in the GCC Implementation Mechanism, including the implementation of elections and referendum, transitional justice, building capacity for human rights and rule of law, constitutional reform and others. The Special Advisor to the Secretary General and the UN System in Yemen realize that the successful implementation of the National Dialogue is vital for sustaining the transition and moving the recovery process ahead, and are thus channeling the support needed to ensure a timely, comprehensive and fully inclusive National Dialogue Conference.

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