Study Tour to the Netherlands proves a great learning experience

Feb 12, 2014

Photo of th eparticpants in the training with Dutch HR Ambassador

The Technical Committee formed by the Ministry if Human Rights entrusted with drafting the law for the establishment on an Independent National Human Rights Institution (INHRI) has recently concluded a study tour visit to the Netherlands as part of UNDP's "Support to Human Rights during the Transitional Period" project activities.

The visit aimed at learning about the mandate, organizational structure, the independence of human rights institutions and bodies in the Netherlands and means of cooperation amongst them, with the view to explore the further enhancement of the draft law for the establishment of an INHRI.

The Technical Committee which consists of civil society members, academics and relevant government officials have met with a number of agencies concerned with human rights, including, representatives of the Netherland's Institute for Human Rights, the National Ombudsman, the Children Ombudsman, civil society organizations in the Netherlands and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hague.   

“The study tour to the Netherlands proved to be a great learning opportunity and exchange of experience for the Yemeni team", said Dina El-Mamoun, Chief Technical Advisor of the UNDP's Human Rights Project. She added, "We are encouraged by the conclusion reached that Yemen's current draft law for the establishment of an INHRI is of good standard and seeks to comply with the Paris Principles".

Dr. Abbas Zaid, a Constitutional law Professor at Sana'a University, and member of the Technical Committee, said " while we appear to be on the right track with respect to the draft law, we have gained valuable information that would help us in improving the draft law to meet the human rights demands in Yemen and also improve the suggestions on the organizational structure of the INHRI".

The members of delegation have informed the Dutch counterparts that the draft law for the establishment of an INHRI is being referred to parliament for its passing. The Rapporteur of the Rights and Freedoms Committee at the Yemeni parliament, and member of the delegation, Abdul Wahab Mouda, have said that parliament is likely to table and approve the law at the earliest opportunity, since " there is acceptance among the different parties in parliament that human rights need to be better protected and promoted".  The delegation took the opportunity of the visit to brief civil society and other institutions in the Netherlands on the human rights situation in Yemen and explored opportunities for further cooperation.

Dr. Edward Christow, Governance Team Leader, said, " we look forward to  reaping the fruits of the visit in terms of an enhanced draft law for an INHRI, and we would like to thank the Dutch embassy in Sana'a and authorities in the Hague for the support they have provided and their assistance in making the study tour a success".    

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