UNDP Deputy Regional Director Sends Message of Hope to Yemen

Murad's Visit Aden
Mr. Mourad Wahba during his visit to the beneficiary youth’s exhibition

A few years ago, she was unable to say a word in front of a stranger. She was very shy and timid. But now, she is sitting with senior delegates of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) during a lunch organized by the Youth Economic Empowerment Project in which she was involved as a beneficiary of the "3x6 Approach" that helps youth with sustainable income.

Tahani Mohammed, 24, shared the drastic change in her life with Mr.  Mourad Wahba, UNDP Deputy Regional Director for Arab States, Mr. Paolo Lembo, Resident Representative and Mikiko Tanaka, Country Director along with other beneficiaries who attended the event.

“The project was like the gate of life to me as it has not only changed my life but my family as well,” she says, “I was able to secure a respectable life to my entire family and support my mother and the study costs of my siblings.”

The change in her life was also the case for the other beneficiaries who showcased their businesses and their experience in general.

“The training that I have received under the Youth Economic Empowerment Project has  transformed my personality into a new arena of doing business and opening my eyes to new concepts such as team work, as well as  providing me with a good knowledge of how to start up a business,” says 20 years old Samar al-Matari.

“I bow to all the youth who overcome all the challenges of life. We really learn from you,” commented Mr. Wahba after the youth shared their stories.

The UNDP officials also visited Aden and met with senior officials from the Governorate  and the Land and Dismissals Commissions.

Mr. Wahba applauded the effort of both commissions, as their work constitutes key steps for transitional justice, a critical foundation for long term peace and stability in the country. He also added that this work could be a model for other countries in the Arab region that are undergoing similar transitions.

“We are thankful for the support that has been received from UNDP and the constant advice and exchange of ideas which help us maintain our energy,” said Judge Sahel Mohamed Hamzah, Chairman of the Dismissals Commission.

At the end of his visit to Yemen, Mr. Wahba rewarded some UNDP national staff for their exceptional work and contribution in ensuring the safety of UNDP personnel and the continuity of UNDP’s development work during this critical time in Yemen.

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