Preserving biodiversity through nurseries and eco-lodges in Socotra

Adib and his Family

Adib’s family was always interested in agriculture and kept a home vegetable garden. With the support from UNDP’s project, the family converted the home garden to much needed nursery. This is very crucial says Adib to protect and conserve the unique biodiversity in the Socotra Archipelago.

In partnership with UNDP project, the nursery was established on October 3, 1996 with 50 seedlings and 30 seeds under supervision of a professional botanist.

Each member of the family soon got their own tasks in developing the nursery. The nursery gradually developed with the technical expertise assisting in plants collection, planting and day-to-day care.

These trainings helped one of his sons to secure a job as a flora specialist with Environment Protection Authority of Socotra. Other development partners also provided him with technical trainings along with his

sister Fatima. Adib’s son noted the significance of these trainings in improving his skills that helped in his career development.

As the nursery grew big with 120 species of plants, UNDP further interventions lead to the establishment of an eco-lodge, with services for the ecotourists.

The premises were built in a traditional style with palm leaf huts and eco-friendly bathrooms. This encouraged another of Adib’s sons to take a special hospitality course in Aden Mercure Hotel. Since its beginning in 2007, Adib’s eco-lodge was successful and provided additional income to the family. “I am glad to see my children being involved in biodiversity conservation of our precious and rich island as well as contributing to family income”, Adib says proudly.

The eco-lodge is the first successful private business project on the island, and the nursery produces indigenous plants to be replanted in their original habitat. Currently, Adib is actively involved in supporting reproduction of endemic dragon blood trees.

He appreciates very much the UNDP’s current initiative in opening a controlled trade with Socotri plants.

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