Our Stories

  • Biometric Voter Registration Kit Testing Provides Glimpse into Future of Elections in Yemen

    SANAA, YEMEN – Standing in a neat little row, only slightly mangled and disorganized near its tail end, 10 small boys glared into the sun on Sunday by a single voter registration centre, each tugging on each other’s shirt bottoms, flipping empty water bottles, and generally being what they knew best to be –boys.

  • Innovating in Transitional contexts

    The UNDP Country Office presented two innovative approaches for employment generation –the 3x6 approach- and capacity development in transitional settings –the Emergency Capacity Development Facility- at the last Regional RBAS Cluster Meeting, organized in Amman Jordan, between 7th and 11th April 2013 with the participation of the UNDP Administrator, senior RBAS staff and representatives of country offices from the region.

  • Our Home cannot be the Battleground!’ – Women-led initiative to prevent violence

    During the Advanced Training of Trainers on conflict resolution and mediation jointly conducted by UNDP Yemen and Partners Yemen in Lahj governorate, Nusiaba from Tuban district in Lahj Governorate shared her unforgettable experience of violence prevention back in April 2015. Since then, Nusiaba has actively involved in conflict or disputes resolution, mediation and negotiation in her areas, grasped every opportunity to further enhance her skills, and encouraged other female member of her area and community to follow her path.

  • The Struggle for Enfranchising Women for Yemeni Elections

    Elham Sarhan wears a badge of courage underneath her hijab. A small bump sits atop her forehead. It is a scar that is indicative of the reality faced by women here in Yemen, and the conviction that Mrs. Sarhan brings to her work as head of the Women’s Unit at the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum.

  • The Tangible Dialogue : UNDP-Yemen Governance Team is Turning Perceptions into the Palpable

    Inside the five-star Movenpick Hotel Sanaa, in its large spacious halls, and vast marbled floors, some 565 delegates of the Comprehensive National Dialogue Conference are attempting to turn a intangible dialogue about the nation’s most serious issues into a tangible – namely a new constitution.