Fatima, a Mother Overcomes Loss and Sorrow

Fatima is restoring her small business benefiting from YECRP support to MFIs institutions

Conflict is another meaning of grief, oppression, poverty and all sufferings of hard life. Only those who experience conflict know its real meaning. Nobody can describe conflict like a mother who lost her son and business.

Fatima Ahmed Bahassan, a mother from Aden governorate, is one of hundreds of thousands of Yemenis who have been affected by the ongoing conflict in the country. 


  • YECRP is expected to provide 4000 grants to small and medium enterprises impacted by the conflict in Yemen to restore their businesses.
  • YECRP has provided financial support to 6 Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) to sustain and scale up their business operations indirectly benefiting 4,165 of their SME clients.
  • 62 SMEs impacted by the conflict have directly benefited from grants to restore their businesses.

Large businesses sustained heavy losses due to the conflict, but small and medium ones, including Fatima’s, were affected the most due to their small capital. 

"When the conflict broke out in Aden city, I realized since the first moment that my work and my simple dreams were gone. Many families left their houses and the city became a terrifying place to live in. People were thinking about food and basic needs and refrained from buying my goods," said Fatima with tears rolling down her cheeks. 

With the escalation of clashes in Aden, Fatima sustained the second shock. Her son was killed and the other one became permanently incapacitated. 

"I didn't want to live any longer after the death of my son. My situation deteriorated and I spent all my savings to meet the basic needs of my children. I was an entrepreneur but everything had gone," said Fatima. 

Within this gloomy situation, Fatima saw a glimpse of hope in her life as stability finds its way to Aden. She received funding from the Union Microfinance Program to cover for her losses and restore her small business. 

This funding is a part of the larger World Bank-funded Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project (YECRP) implemented by UNDP Yemen in partnership with the Social Fund for Development (SFD) to revive Yemen’s economy through providing financial support to microfinance institutions and their clients.  

"People are still reluctant to spend much money on clothes and cosmetics due to the ongoing conflict, but I'm very happy that my dreams are back again."

With this funding, Fatima says that she is determined to achieve success in her business. 

"I know that nothing can make up for the loss of my son but still, I will work hard to compensate for my financial losses and provide a decent living for my kids." 

YECRP is expected to provide 4000 grants to small and medium enterprises impacted by the conflict in Yemen to restore their businesses.    


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