Our Stories

  • A New Generation of Women Leaders in Conflict Resolution

    Katiba, a young woman who lives in a remote rural area called Bani Usef, Far’ Alodeen district, Ibb governorate. People of Bani Usef faced many major conflicts that have been obstructing the development in health and education for many years.

  • Abyan IDPs felt much better equipped to cope with the challenges ahead

    Bassin Yasslam and his family were amongst more than 190,000 people who fled Abyan in 2011. He explained “We were guilty of nothing except living in the wrong place”.

  • Economic empowerment puts youth in driver’s seat
    Apr 4, 2016

    For Mohammed Alshouthmi and other participants in the cash-for-work programme in Yemen, emergency jobs offer respite, allowing families to address urgent needs.

  • Families of Alaqamah starting their own small businesses

    Funded by the World Bank, UNDP has partnered with Social Fund for Development (SFD) through the Emergency Crisis Response Project (ECRP) to build the resilience of local households and communities to withstand and cope with the impacts of Yemen’s conflict and assist their early recovery.

  • Hajj Ahmad, one of hundreds of farmers benefited from the distribution of fertilizer and seeds

    Hajj Ahmad Sayed, 61 years old, was one of hundreds of farmers who benefited from the distribution of fertilizer and seeds, which was implemented by UNDP in late 2012 in northern governorate of Sa’ada, Yemen.

  • Mine Detection Dogs Defend Yemen from Mines

    Due to its conflict history, Yemen has been facing severe problems with unexploded ordnances as they are present throughout the whole country with the only exception of the Al-Mahwit region. Some of the explosives are as much as 50 years old and hidden deep in rocky or sandy terrains. More than five thousands land mine casualties have been registered so far with many survivors never obtaining proper medical care and staying deprived of decent sources of livelihood.