Youth Economic Empowerment Project

What is the project about

Youth Economic Empowerment ProjectAden: youth installing filters, a new technique introduced to Yemen to reduce water consumption

The project aims to socially and economically empower disadvantaged youth and women in market oriented technical, entrepreneurial and managerial skills, confidence building and empowering skills necessary to improve their access to productive resources and sustainable earning potential. Training will be systematically linked and integrated with other complementary interventions such as access to markets, appropriate technology, microfinance, entrepreneurship development and follow up technical assistance and advisory services.

The project adopts a comprehensive, market driven, gender responsive and community-based strategy. It involves strategic partnerships with local authorities, Local Councils, religious leaders, NGOs, private sector, and relevant institutions, and contributes to strengthening their capacity as responsible service providers, facilitators and advocacy actors.

What have we accomplished so far

  • Accomplished a Participatory Market and Needs Assessment in three governorates.
  • Implementation of the 3x6 approach, for sustainable employment creation in three governorates with 560 beneficiaries. The approach has been tailored to contribute to conflict prevention by addressing demands by youth for immediate and sustainable employment through implementation of three main components: stabilization, ownership and sustainability.
  • 700 youth enrolled in a job placement scheme to match skills development with private sector needs
  • 6000 youth engaged in the "Youth Innovation and Creativity Award", fostering business innovation for Yemen

Who Finances it?

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Delivery in previous fiscal year

Dec 2012       

301,446 $US

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