Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS)

What is the project about

Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS)

Yemen’s economy was characterized as one with little integration economic integration. Since 2000 Yemen has sought to integrate into the global economy by making a bid to join the WTO. The EIF program is one of the programs designed to help Yemen further integrate and benefit from the multi-trading system.

Since the first Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) in 2002, many developments have occurred in the economy and the trade-related sectors of Yemen. This leads to an urgent need for a DTIS update in order to reflect a more accurate picture of the current needs and priorities on the trade-related sectors. The objective of the DTIS update is to provide a renewed perspective of trade priorities in Yemen taking into account the changes in the national and international environment intervening since the DTIS 2002.

What have we accomplished so far

Pre-DTIS mission was conducted in June 2013.The purpose of this mission was to:

  • lay the ground work for the DTIS preparation and meet national stakeholders to discuss the TORs for the DTIS update;
  • identify on-going research and programmes relevant to the study;
  • define the scope of the future report and discuss modalities for the organization of work.

The mission met a large number of stakeholders in government, private sector, academia and development community with the purpose of understanding the country context, critical issues affecting the development of the private sector and trade in Yemen, on-going and planned programmes and analytical work, and seeking inputs with respect to potential areas to cover in the report.

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